Banner (9) - FAQs

This article contains frequently asked questions for Banner 9.

  • When are we upgrading to Banner 9?
    • Banner administrative pages was upgraded on Sunday, October 14th, 2018.
  • What is Banner 9 and why are we upgrading?
    • Banner 9 introduces a modernized look and feel for Banner Administrative pages, but the functionality remains unchanged. Users will benefit from an intuitive, modern experience, whether they’re accessing the Administrative pages from their computer or mobile device.
We were required to upgrade by the end of 2018 because vendor support for the Banner 8 administrative forms ended as of January 1, 2019.
  • What changes can I expect to see in Banner 9?
    • Banner 9 has a modernized user interface with improved navigation and accessibility. While the pages look different, they contain all of the same fields and sections that you are familiar with in Banner 8.
  • Why does Banner 9 performance seem slower than Banner 8?
    • Banner 9 is built on different technology which does not allow for some of the same capabilities that were available in Banner 8. Banner 8 forms are in a static architecture that allows users, for example, to type ahead and have the data filled in behind. The new architecture does not allow some of that static page capability. 
Banner’s vendor, Ellucian, has made performance and usability a top priority and will continue to work to improve performance in the Admin pages to make them as fast as possible.
  • Who do I contact if I experience issues in Banner 9?
    • Please contact the AITS Service Desk should you experience any problems.
Urbana-Champaign or Springfield: 217-333-3102
Chicago: 312-996-4806

  • What browsers are supported?
    • All major browsers are supported however, Internet Explorer is not recommended due to performance issues found in testing.
  • Can I control my user preferences in Banner 9 like I can in Banner 8?
    • Users are unable to create custom color schemes or add custom links to their main page in Banner 9.
  • What are the keyboard shortcuts in Banner 9?
    • Some keyboard shortcuts have changed in Banner 9. Please reference this Knowledge Base article for an updated list of shortcuts.

  • Will the personalized My Banner menu I created in Banner 8 remain in Banner 9?
    • Yes, your My Banner menu will carry over from Banner 8.  Please see the following Knowledge Base article for more information on creating and maintaining your personalized menu.


  • How do I change between Compact and Expanded layout in Banner 9 Admin pages?
    • Banner 9 gives you the option of viewing the Banner 9 pages in an Expanded or Compact view. The Compact view reduces the amount of white space on a page, allowing for the visibility of more fields on a page. You can toggle between the two views in the Page Layout section of the Tools menu.
  • How do I get more records to display on a page in Banner 9?
    • Banner 9 gives you the option of displaying fewer or more records on the screen for certain pages. Click on the Per Page dropdown at the bottom of the list of records on these screens to control the number of records displayed. Please note that your choice is not retained upon exiting the page.

  • Where can I go to get more familiar with Banner 9?
    • A Banner 9 environment has been created to allow current Banner users to experience Banner 9. Please click this link to access:

  • How do I get to SDE (Supplemental Data Engine) fields in Banner 9?
    • SDE information can now be found by clicking on More Information.


  • Is Banner self-service changing?
    • No.  Only the administrative pages will be changing with this upgrade.
  • Will my security access change with Banner 9?
    • No.  Your Banner form/page security will be the same in Banner 9 as it was in Banner 8.
  • Will I be able to continue using Banner 8 after Banner 9 is launched?
    • No.  Banner 8 will no longer be available after Banner 9 is launched. 
  • How do I search for someone by name in the keyblock of a page since there doesn’t appear to be a name field like there is in Banner 8?
    • Banner 9 pages that include an ID field also have a hidden name field that can be used to search by name, just like you could in Banner 8. In order to access the hidden field simply tab out of the ID field to access the name field.
When curser is in the ID field:


  • How do I access BDM (Banner Document Management) in Banner 9?
    • BDM can now be accessed by clicking on Add and Retrieve


  • I’ve been told to clear my browser cache after each upgrade. What’s the easiest way to do that?
    • Users can hit Ctrl+Shift+Delete in any web browser to bring up the window that will allow them to clear their cache. Detailed information for each browser can be found in the following Knowledge Base article:

  • Is Java required for Banner 9?
    • No, Java is not required for Banner 9.  Banner 9 is web based and therefore does not require the Java plugin like Banner 8 does.

For general information about the Banner system, please see 

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