Chart: What do we need to setup a new unit with Chart? What are the roles in the app?

setup a new unit with Chart

Please provide your 3-digit org code and who you would like to have manager/viewer access. 

Download the attached ChartOfAccountsImportTemplate and populate it with information specific to your org.

Please provide who should have access to the system.  Roles are explained below:

  • Owner  This is the individual responsible for the Fund and designated to receive approval requests from apps that support them (including Purchasing, Travel, & Appointments).
    • Example: Unit Executive Officer for State funds, PI for Grant funds.
  • Approver  This individual is delegated expense approval authority from the Owner.
    • Example: Dept Business Managers for State or ICR funds, Co-PI for Grant funds, funded faculty on Grant funds using Activity Code sub-budgets.
  • User  These individuals have been authorized by the Owner or Approver to spend on a particular CFOP(A).
    • Example: Grad Students or Postdocs on Grant funds, responsible staff on Self-supporting funds.
  • Accountants & Statement Viewers 

Email this information and any questions you have to Engineering IT will contact you shortly after the information is received.