cPanel, How to get a custom domain

By default, cPanel websites are available at You can also assign a custom domain, such as by following the steps below.

There are two steps involved in pointing a custom domain to your website.  The first step requires an IT Professional in your unit to create or edit a DNS entry.  The second step requires the cPanel administrator to associate the custom domain with your website.

At the University of Illinois there are two types of custom domains you can request: a domain off an existing subzone or a new subzone off of For example, if you would like, that would be a custom domain off the existing subzone of If you would like, then that is a new subzone. New subzones are restricted to campus wide initiatives or centers and are not available for individual websites, single research group sites, local only RSOs etc.

Domain in Existing Subzone

For a custom domain in an existing subzone (ie:, ask you IT Pro to create the record for the domain in IPAM using the following steps:

  1. From your subzone, add a new CNAME Record.
  2. For the “Alias” enter the custom domain in your subzone for your cPanel  site. For example, enter "yoursite" as your alias if you want your custom domain to be
  3. For the “Canonical Name” enter "".
  4. Click “Save & Close”.

New Subzone of

 If your website qualifies for a new subzone off, one of your unit's IT Professionals will need to fill out the Technology Services Domain Request form. These domains are not free and a university account number will need to be provided. For the domain specific questions, enter the following:

  • Do you want an A record? Answer "Yes" and enter the following IP Address:
  • Do you want a CNAME?  Answer "Yes". The host you associate with the CNAME is the subzone you are requesting. For example: "".

cPanel Configuration Step 

Once you have received confirmation that your custom domain is ready, send email to asking for your custom domain to be associated with your cPanel account. Make sure you include both the custom domain and the name of your cPanel domain (ie. 

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