cPanel, How to create a MySQL database on cPanel

You may use MySQL databases in association with content management systems for websites on

MySQL databases on cPanel must be created and managed through the cPanel dashboard. Do not try to create or manage databases through the Linux command line.

Create MySQL Databases with the MySQL Database Wizard 

  1. Login to your cPanel dashboard.
  2. In the Databases section, locate and click on "MySQL Database Wizard".
  3. Enter the name you would like your database to have. Your cPanel account name will be prepended to the database name automatically. Click Next Step.
  4. Enter the database username you would like to create. You can add additional database users after the database is created.
  5. Click on the Password Generator to have a strong, random password generated for your database user. Click the checkbox to indicate you have saved the password and click "Use Password" to have the 2 password fields filled in. You can also choose to create your own password.
  6. Click Create User.
  7. Add the user to the database. Here you can indicate what database privileges this database user should have. Click Next Step to complete the wizard.

From the resulting screen you can choose to add another database, add another database user to your existing databases, return to the MySQL Databases screen or return to the cPanel dashboard.

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