Office 365 Outlook Setup on Mobile Devices

Due to the varying number of mobile devices there are no step by step setup instructions. Below are some general steps:

You can either download and install the “Microsoft Outlook” app for free on your device or you can add Exchange via Active Sync.

Once you get to your device’s ‘add Exchange account’, use these settings if they ask for them (your device might not):

Note: There is a limit of 10 active sync devices per mailbox on Exchange. These device partnerships can be managed in > options > see all options > phone > mobile phones.


FYI: Some Android clients do warn you of all the possible ActiveSync policy features that are available when setting up an ActiveSync account. We do not enable any of these features other than allowing you to remotely wipe your own device through Outlook Web Access (OWA). For more information about Remote Wipe and Admin Access, please see: Email, Exchange, Mobile Device Remote Wipe and Admin Access