EWS Labs, Guest accounts

Providing access to guests who are not eligible for EWS accounts.

In general, EWS Labs are used by individuals within the College of Engineering who have an active EWS account. Details on who is eligible for an EWS account are detailed at EWS Labs, Account Policy.

Occasionally, individuals who are not eligible for an EWS account will need access to an EWS lab computer for a temporary basis. The most common examples of this are for conferences, camps, and workshops that are led by a College of Engineering group but may include individuals from outside the college. Engineering IT can provide guest accounts to provide access to EWS for these instances. Guest accounts are standalone accounts that can be distributed to attendees, and are only valid for a short period of time. 

Guest accounts should not be used for academic courses with an assigned CRN.

Requesting guest accounts

To request guest accounts, please send an e-mail to ews@illinois.edu with the following information: 
  • Short description of event (eg. "Mechanical Engineering summer camp")
  • Number of accounts (we recommend one account per person to prevent technical issues)
  • Dates for your event (accounts will expire the day after your event ends)
Engineering IT will create guest accounts based on the information you provide, and e-mail you a list of usernames and passwords.