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Documentation on how to handle access requests to the myFS Portal

Users are contacting us for access to the my.FS Portal, generally are looking for one of three different kinds of access:

  1. Voucher Viewing
  2. Access to the Car Pool
  3. Access to send Service Requests to the Service Office

Each of these will be described in detail below.

Please note: Any request that does not fall under these 3, should be forwarded to the F&S ITS Development Team SDM Queue.

Portal Request Form

All users who do not already have access, will need to send in a signed Portal Form which is located here:  https://go.fs.illinois.edu/portalform

If a ticket comes in requesting access and it does not have the form attached to the ticket, please contact the user and ask them to download and fill out the form and attach it to their ticket.

Note:  The form does require a physical signature.

The user should respond to their ticket and attach the completed, signed form.  If the form is emailed as a separate ticket, you can close the original ticket.

The simplest way to prepare an account for someone to use within the portal, is to ask them to attempt to login. You should warn them that it will fail because they will not have access yet, but it causes their account to be properly setup on the backend so you do not have to manually set it up.

See "Manually Creating an Account" at the end of this document

Access to Carpool Reservations

People who are asking for Access to Carpool are looking to rent cars from Campus Garage and Carpool on 1701 South Oak Street.

Any questions regarding Carpool or renting the vehicles should be directed to their employees at:

217-333-3910 or stugcp@mx.uillinois.edu

Access to Service Requests

The Service Request area in the my.FS Portal allows people to make Service Requests without involving the Service Office. These requests can be for anything from a clogged toilet, to furniture construction.

Any questions regarding Service Requests should be directed to the Service Office at:

217-333-0340 or fsserviceoffice@illinois.edu

Voucher Viewing

Voucher Viewing is for people who want to look over charges made to their department.

These requests do not require anyone to give them access. People should be able to sign into the Portal and get access automatically.

Note: This access is the "fsuser" attached to the account used in an example below. This account can be setup manually and is explained in the "Create an Account" section are the end of this document.

If people are having issues with Vouchers, their ticket should be forwarded on to the F&S ITS Development Team or the F&S ITS Support Desk, depending on the issue.

Granting access

To grant access to Carpool Reservation or Service Requests, login to the portal at:


Choose Login, and put in your NetID and Password


Once in the Portal, choose User Management.


Search for the user to see if they have an account or not by using the search field. If the user already exists, they will show up below.

Click on the user below to open their account.


Once the user's account is open, click their name below and the right side of the page will change.

Choose Associations.


Associations will show what the user has access to. This user currently only has access to Voucher Viewing.

To give access to Carpool Reservations or Service Requests, click the dropdown labeled Choose One.


In the dropdown menu search for carpool reservations or service requests and click it,this will place it in the dropdown menu.

Click Add association to add it to the users account.

The user will be able to use the service immediately.


PLEASE NOTE: The entries in the portal are not in alphabetical order. The correct entries are in all lower case.

For example, there are other entries that are similar. But ONLY use the entries labeled:

  • carpool reservations
  • service requests


Below is how it should look at the account is added.


Manually Creating an Account

If for some reason the user is unavailable to attempt sign in, you can manually setup an account. To do so:

  1. Click "New User" next to the search button.
  2. Put the user’s NetID in both, the "New User Name" field and in the "Password" field. Leave all of the remaining fields blank.
  3. In the "Profiling Rule" drop down, choose: "group-fallback"
  4. Click "Add User".

Note: Despite putting in the NetID as the login and password, when the user logs in, they will need to use their standard campus Active Directory password.

Once this is done, you may add any other profiles as listed above.

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