Learn@Illinois Moodle - Adding CITL-Recorded Video Lectures to your Course

This page will be most helpful if you have recorded curricular videos through CITL using the Ensemble video service and are now trying to incorporate them into your Moodle course.

For a permanent link to this information, please use: https://go.illinois.edu/MoodleEnsemble
  1. Click on the activity that you would like to add a video to (or create one first and then click on it).
    Click on the activity
  2. In the left-hand Administration block, click Edit settings.
    Edit settings
  3. Scroll down to the "Content" section and the "Page content" section below. With your cursor placed on a blank line in your activity’s content editor where you would like the video to appear, click on the “Insert Moodle Media” button in the toolbar. The icon for the button looks like a filmstrip with a play button arrow within it.
    Note: The title text available to screen readers is “Insert Moodle Media”.
    Insert Moodle Media
  4. A pop-up modal window will appear. Click Find or upload a sound, video or applet… at the top.
    Note: To a screen reader, this is a link/anchor element containing that text.
    Find or upload a sound, video or applet
  5. Now you should see a blank File Picker pane on the right side of the pop-up window and a list of available Repositories to select from on the left. The File picker provides you with easy mechanisms to add media to your course from a variety of sources, including Wikimedia, Youtube, and the Ensemble video service that manages your curricular video.
    File Picker
    The demonstration course this was made from is configured with several actual course repositories, which have been redacted from the image above. All courses have the “Moodle Tutorials” repository, which was intended to include a collection of student facing videos to help answer common student questions as they come up in courses.
  6. Click the name of your course on the left. The pane will populate with your videos on the right.
    Then, click the Select button (or the thumbnail image, or the title text) to proceed to a confirmation screen.
    Note: If you do not see the repository named for your course, contact us at atlas-tlt@illinois.edu or citl-imr@illinois.edu.
    Click the name of your course
  7. Scroll down and click Embed Video to embed it into your Moodle activity.
    Note: The “Embed Video” button will add embed code to the place in the activity where you had left your cursor. The embed code appears in the editor as a thumbnail picture, but will render as a video player in your course activity when not in editing mode.
    Click Embed Video
    • The “Go Back” button returns the view to the list of videos in the repository.
    • The “Set StartTime” and “Set StopTime” buttons don’t currently work with the version of the player we’re using, but you can provide values for them in the text fields if you choose. Currently, that will prevent the video player from showing any video outside of the start and stop times, although students will be able to see in the player’s seekbar and clock values that there is video that they can’t access, which can be confusing. To assist with the confusion, an alert message will let them know why they can’t seek outside those boundaries if they try to do so repeatedly. This function is used in some courses as a way to break up videos to include graded questions between portions of the video.

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