WebStore, Adobe Creative Cloud SDL and NU Package Distribution

Information for IT Pros about the Adobe Creative Cloud Shared Device License (SDL) for Lab and Classroom support and Named User License (NU) for alternate deployments on university computers.

Two WebStore offers are available for the distribution of the SDL and Named User packages. Also, Tech Services EndPoint Services has both types of installation packages available for their customers.

NOTE: This software may not be installed or used in a Remote Desktop environment. This type of use is not included in the license agreement and is not supported by Adobe.



Details about the Shared Device License, (SDL) for Labs/Classrooms/Shared Workstations

Shared Device (SDL) license installations are intended for University-owned Shared Devices, including labs, classrooms, and other shared University computers such as those used by Student Employees or Staff. IT Staff can choose to deploy the SDL type installation across all of their University managed computers. Be aware; the Adobe Sign-in window will indicate that the computer is a shared device.

 Where should this type of installation package be installed?

What is the license or activation method used?

Details about the Named User packaging, (NU) for alternate deployments

Named User

  • Must have an Adobe Enterprise ID with active annual subscription
  • Intended for Faculty, Staff, or Student Employee\Intern use as appropriate. 

 (Departments should purchase semester-long, Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription Student Intern-Employee Personal Use Semester Access licenses from WebStore for Student Employees if they would like the Student to use the Adobe software on a personal computer also.)

  • Each Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise ID account will allow the user to be signed in and use the Adobe apps on up to two computers at a time.
  • Packages for IT Pros are available from WebStore and Tech Services EndPoint Services. Adobe Update Manager is disabled (IT manages update distribution via Remote Update Manager for Windows endpoints or Munki for macOS endpoints), and the Creative Cloud Desktop is included.
  • If you do not have access to the WebStore, IT Pro offers, please email webstore@illinois.edu a request to be added to the IT Pro eligibility group.

 Where should this type of installation package be installed?

 This software may be installed on University-owned equipment such as employee workstations, including University-owned laptops.

What is the license or activation method used?

 This type of installation is a Named User installation. A University Adobe Enterprise ID is required. The end-user will be asked to sign in to activate and use the software. An Adobe Enterprise ID must be requested Faculty and Staff by ordering this free WebStore offer.