Endpoint Services, How can I use both Workspace ONE and Munki to manage my Macs?

Information on macOS endpoint management using a combination of Workspace ONE and Munki.


Munki Mac Endpoint Management
Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

Affected Customers

University of Illinois IT Pros leveraging Technology Services Endpoint Service Munki Mac Endpoint Management and Workspace ONE UEM


General Information

Munki and Workspace ONE (formerly known as AirWatch) complement one another and together provide a full suite of macOS endpoint management tools. Neither Munki nor Workspace ONE provides traditional OS imaging, which Apple no longer supports.

What Workspace ONE can do

Workspace ONE is VMWare's unified endpoint management (UEM) solution with support for multiple platforms including macOS. It provides:

What Munki can do

Munki is a macOS endpoint management service based on the open-source Munki project. It allows IT Pros to automate the installation and removal of applications (many of which are already packaged by the Endpoint Services team) as well as some support for certain configuration types. Munki is intended for macOS only; no other operating systems are supported. It provides:

Using Workspace ONE and Munki together to manage your Macs

With each successive macOS release, Apple has introduced an increasing number of configuration changes that can only be implemented via a UEM or MDM solution like Workspace ONE, but not via traditional methods such as scripts, Apple Remote Desktop management, or even Munki. An ideal macOS deployment workflow therefore utilizes both Workspace ONE and Munki in the following way:

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