New Yealink IP Phone Ordering, Setup and Installation

This article contains all steps necessary to setup a new Yealink IP Phone.

[Link for document 78570 is unavailable at this time]

Pre-Installation Steps to complete right after phone is ordered

  1. Send an email to with the following information:
  • Computer Property Tag: Located on your computer (Blue and white sticker typically P10Fxxxx)
  • Network Jack number from the wall where the Ethernet cable will be placed to connect your new phone. (Examples: HBP02-01, HCP08-34, HEP04-22)
  • Your building and office number

How to connect the phone in your office or departmental area

  1. Connect the phone: Connecting Yealink T46S Cables and Power
  2. Once the phone is connected to the network and powered on it will automatically provision and being to install firmware updates.  This could take up to 10 minutes.

Connecting the Phone to your Skype (Three Methods)

1) Signing into Skype for Business

  1. Select Start
  2. Select Skype for Business  (The icon may be selected from the Windows Task bar if present)
  3. Enter the Skype account email address in the Sign-in address. (For example:, for department phones, etc.)
  4. Select Sign In
  5. Enter the password
  6. Check the Save my password Box
  7. Select Sign In
Note: If you don't know your password please check with your department administration

2) Pin Authentication Method

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Sign In link under the Personal Identification Number (PIN) section
  3. Enter the person or role-based account's user name: uofi\username
  4. Enter the password for the account and click the Sign In button
  5. On the next screen, select Reset your PIN link
  6. Type the desired PIN number, type it again to confirm it, and then click the OK button

Note: Pin Requirements

  • Be a minimum of 6 digits (Make the PIN something easy to remember as it will be used very infrequently.)
  • Not be a part of your phone number
  • Not use sequential numbers (e.g: 123456 or 654321)
  • Not use repeated numbers (e.g. 111111 or 666666)
  • Not be easily guessable (e.g. 123123, 112233, 121212)

Log into the Phone

  1. Log into the phone using the phone number and your new PIN
  2. When prompted to create a new unlock PIN we recommend you set it to be the same as your username PIN you just set.

3) Better Together over Ethernet (BToE) Method

  1. On the physical Yealink phone select Menu 
  2. Arrow to Status and select OK
  3. Select  General record the IPv4 address: _____ . _____ . _____ . _____  (Record the IP)
  4. Go back to your computer and select Start 
  5. Scroll to Yealink BToE Connector and Select it to launch the application
  6. Enter the IP you just recorded and select Pair. (The BToE status will change to Paired (Signed In) once connection is complete)
  7. The BToE system tray icon should change to BToE Paired System Tray Icon to indicate that the computer and device are paired and signed in.

Voice Mail Instructions: [Link for document 87966 is unavailable at this time]

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