Security, Good habits and layers of protection

The best protection consists of setting up and maintaining layers of security on your devices: keeping your operating system, browsers, and software updated, paying for decent but not overbearing virus and malware protection, installing browser extensions for Web privacy and security, and getting into smart security habits.

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Long story short:

1) Keep your OS, browser, Java, Flash, and other software up to date
2) Use Antivirus software, Malware defenders, Windows Defender, MS Security Essentials, etc
3) uBlock Orgin is helpful according to customers, Https Everywhere, some sort of password manager (LastPass), VPN
4) Treat links and files in email and social media as guilty until proven innocent. If it’s a shortened link, use to see what it expands to. No site should ever ask you, in an email or a direct message, to enter your existing password to deal with an account or security issue
5) Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on everything you can