Learn@Illinois Moodle - Creating a Single Session in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Learn how to use the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra activity. Learn how to add a new session to your course to hold virtual office hours, create a study lounge for your students, or a single synchronous class meeting.

For a permanent link to this information, please use: https://go.illinois.edu/MoodleCollaborateSingleSession

  1. On the upper right side, click Turn Editing On.
    Turn editing on
  2. At the bottom of the section in which you would like to add Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, click Add an activity or resource.
    Add an activity or resource
  3. Select "Blackboard Collaborate Ultra" and click Add.
    Add bcu
  4. Under "General", enter the Activity name.
    Note: It is recommended to create a Virtual Office as a space in which you can not only meet with your students throughout the course, but also so that you can access all of your other session attendance records easily even after the sessions are over.
    Virtual office
  5. If you do not plan to grade the session, select "None" in the Grade Type field.
    Note: If you plan to grade the session, you can select "Point" and select the number of points in the "Maximum grade" field. Note that this will create an item in your gradebook, but the item will have to be filled in manually from the "Single view" screen in the gradebook.
    No grade type
  6. Click Save and display.
    Save and display
  7. (Optional) Click the circle with triple dots to the far right of "Sample Course - Course Room" and select Lock course room. This will prevent students from accidentally joining an empty room that is open 24 hours a day instead of using your scheduled sessions.
    Lock session screenshot
    Note: You can unlock the course room by clicking the same icon and selecting Unlock course room.
    Unlock session screenshot
  8. Click either of the Create Session buttons.
    Create Session
  9. Enter in session details:
    • Type in the name of the session, which in this case will be the same as the name of the activity.
    • If you do not need guest access, uncheck the "Guest access" checkbox.
    • Enter a Start time.
    • Enter an End time or check the "No end (open session)" checkbox. In this case, we are creating a virtual office in which students can meet with their instructor throughout the duration of the course, so we selected "No end".
    • Enter name of session etc
  10. Review the Session Settings, selecting the desired options and click Save.
    Review Session Settings
    Note: If you are setting up a "Study Lounge" for your students to meet, you might consider making the default attendee role a "Presenter" so that students can share with each other by default. 
  11. Now your session will appear. Click the triple dot icon and select Join session to join the session.
    Join session
  12. Alternatively, you can join by clicking on the session name and then clicking Join session. This is the way that your students will join the session.
    Click Join session