Learn@Illinois.edu Moodle - Viewing Attendance Reports in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Sessions

Learn how to view attendance reports for live Collaborate Ultra sessions and download or print these records.

For a permanent link to this information, please use: https://go.illinois.edu/MoodleCollaborateAttendance
  1. Click on any Collaborate Ultra activity.
    Click on the Collaborate Ultra activity
  2. Since the session has likely already ended, in the "Filter by" menu in the top-right corner, select All Previous Sessions.
    Select All previous sessions
  3. Click the circle icon with three dots inside. Select View reports.
    View reports
  4. To the far right, click the clipboard icon.
    Click clipboard icon
  5. Click the bulleted list icon to expand details for a particular user.
    Click bulleted list icon to expand
  6. To download the attendance data as an Excel file, find the "Tools" section in the left column menu and click Export to CSV. Alternatively, click Printable to get a version of the data that is printer-friendly. 
    Export to CSV