Endpoint Services, Munki, Using Log Files to Troubleshoot Munki and MunkiReport

This article describes log files that can be used to troubleshoot Munki and MunkiReport issues.


Munki Mac Endpoint Management

Affected Customers

University of Illinois IT Pros leveraging Technology Services Endpoint Service Munki Mac Endpoint Management

Munki Logs

When Munki is having trouble installing software, there are several log files that can be especially useful in figuring out what Munki is doing. You can view them directly for troubleshooting purposes; if providing them to the EPS team for assistance, they can be zipped and attached to your support request or emailed separately.

There are several ways to obtain useful Munki log files:

MunkiReport Logs

As of MunkiReport version 5.0, MunkiReport logs are now separated from Munki's logs and can be accessed directly in Finder/Terminal: /Library/MunkiReport/Logs/

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