Endpoint Services, WSUS, Configuring WSUS Clients

How to configure clients to use the Technology Services WSUS Service.


Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

Affected Customers

University of Illinois IT Pros leveraging Technology Services Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

General Information

Group Policy Objects (GPOs) can be used to configure client computers to use the Technology Services WSUS service, and to determine which updates they will receive.

Clients will need to be on-campus, or use the VPN, in order to receive GPO policies; however, they do not subsequently require use of the VPN to access the WSUS service while off-campus.

Security-Provided GPOs

The EPS team and the Technology Services Security group together maintain a relatively extensive list of GPOs that IT Pros can apply to their AD OUs in order to simplify the process of configuring clients to utilize the EPS WSUS service. Follow these steps to link one or more of these existing policies to an OU:

  1. Open the Group Policy Management Console
  2. Right-click on the OU you'd like to link to a WSUS GPO
  3. Click Link Existing GPO
  4. Search for the desired WSUS GPO(s):

    • DEPT_UseCITESWSUSServer_3AMUpdate_Security
    • DEPT_UseCITESWSUSServer_9AMUpdate_Security
    • DEPT_UseCITESWSUSServer_5PMUpdate_Security
    • DEPT_SetWSUSGroup-Upgrades_Security
    • DEPT_SetWSUSGroup-Upgrades11_Security
    • DEPT_SetWSUSGroup-AllServicePacks_Security
    • DEPT_SetWSUSGroup-AllUpdates_Security
    • DEPT_SetWSUSGroup-AppServicePacks_Security
    • DEPT_SetWSUSGroup-Baseline_Security
    • DEPT_SetWSUSGroup-OSServicePacks_Security

Creating Your Own GPOs

For IT Pros who choose to create their own WSUS GPOs, the following client-side targeting groups are configured on the EPS WSUS server and may be used to determine which updates clients will receive. Updates that are classified by Microsoft as Critical, Definition, or Security updates are auto-approved for immediate release; all other updates are held until Thursday morning.

To request further information or support please contact the EPS team.

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