Endpoint Services, Adobe Creative Cloud, Removing Unauthorized Versions

Information about removing unauthorized Adobe Creative Cloud application versions from managed endpoints.


Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM), formerly SCCM
Munki Mac Endpoint Management

Affected Customers

University of Illinois IT Pros leveraging MECM, hosted by Technology Services Endpoint Services team and/or Munki Mac Endpoint Management systems, who are using Adobe Creative Cloud applications.


General Information

Adobe has announced that as of May 8, 2019, specific older versions of some Creative Cloud applications are now considered to be "unauthorized". All use of unauthorized versions is to be discontinued, and they are to be replaced with authorized versions. According to Adobe, continued use of unauthorized Creative Cloud versions puts the University "at risk of potential claims of infringement by third parties".

Adobe has provided a list of authorized and unauthorized CC versions; the table below provides year-of-release versions (e.g. 2017 or 2018) for convenience. Only the applications listed below are subject to Adobe's new authorized version restrictions, so if an application isn't in the list, all versions of it continue to be authorized by Adobe (although legacy versions may no longer be supported by Endpoint Services.)

 Adobe Product  Minimum Authorized Version  Maximum Unauthorized Version
 After Effects  2018  2017
 Animate  2018  2017
 Audition  2018  2017
 Bridge  2018  2017
 Captivate  Patched 2017 (10.0.1)  Unpatched 2017 (Authorized versions available from the Webstore)
 InDesign  2015  2014
 Lightroom Classic  Patched 2017 (6.1.4)  Unpatched 2017
 Media Encoder  2018  2017
 Photoshop  Patched 2017 (18.1.7)  Unpatched 2017
 Premiere Pro  2018  2017
 Prelude  2018  2017
 SpeedGrade  All versions are discontinued  N/A

Removing Unauthorized Versions

The EPS service provides up-to-date versions of Creative Cloud applications; EPS stakeholders can leverage Munki and MECM in order to install authorized versions and keep them updated.

Adobe has created a specialized uninstaller that detects and removes unauthorized app versions. The uninstaller performs satisfactorily in the EPS test environment, so we have packaged it for stakeholder use, although we cannot guarantee that it will perform the same in all environments. Also note that some older versions can't be uninstalled by the uninstaller package, and will therefore require manual removal.

Unit IT Pros are responsible for ensuring that their Adobe Creative Cloud deployments adhere to Adobe's restrictions and are therefore legal.

Getting Help

For MECM- or Munki-related questions, contact the EPS team; for questions about the Adobe changes, email webstore@illinois.edu.

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