Help Desk, CITL Process for Non-Degree Student Registration

What process must non-degree students follow in order to receive a NetID and complete the online registration process?

The Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL) allows students the ability to enroll in online classes. When students apply for non-degree enrollment, CITL follows an admissions and enrollment process before allowing non-degree students in a class(s) at the University of Illinois.  

Here are the steps in the process:

1) All non-degree seeking students should register for courses through the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL).
2) Once CITL receives the registration request, they must obtain approval from the department before they can admit and enroll the student.
  • Be advised this can take some time depending on how quick the department responds.
  • This delay is a common reason why they have not heard back from CITL. It usually means their enrollment status is currently “Pending.”
3) Once approval is received from the department, the student is admitted by CITL and enrolled in a class(s) for the current term. 

4) CITL sends each student a Confirmation of Enrollment email message (this message is sent to the email address(s) the student provides on the online registration form). 

5) FOR NEWLY ADMITTED STUDENTS ONLY: Located in the Confirmation of Enrollment email message is their UIN and Activation code, along with steps to Claim their NetID and set their password.

6) Returning non-degree students may use their current NetID and password (as long as long as they are active).

Note: If the Help Desk receives a question from a non-degree student, they should ask if they have already received the confirmation of enrollment email.

**Yes, it was received – assist the customer as normal with their issue.
  • If they are having a problem claiming their NetID after receiving the UIN and Activation Code from CITL we should assist.
**No, it was NOT received – refer them back to CITL for more information.