Endpoint Services, Munki, Updating Adobe Deployments

Endpoint Services-specific information about using Munki to keep Adobe deployments current.


Munki Mac Endpoint Management

Affected Customers

University of Illinois IT Pros leveraging Technology Services Endpoint Service Munki Mac Endpoint Management systems to deploy Adobe applications.


General Information about Legacy Adobe Applications

In February 2020, the campus device license expired for pre-2019 versions of Creative Cloud applications as well as Adobe Acrobat DC. In October 2020, all pre-2019 Creative Cloud and Acrobat titles (along with their license and uninstaller packages) were archived from the Multi-Tenant Munki service. 

Endpoint Services recommends updating your Adobe deployments annually, in order to remain current with campus licensing and OS compatibility.

Installing Creative Cloud 2021 or 2020

Not all Adobe titles in the MTM service have been packaged for installation on Apple silicon (M1) hardware. The EPS team is in the process of packaging separate M1-compatible installers, and will include these titles in weekly stakeholder communications as they are released. If you have a need for a specific title for M1 deployment that has not yet been announced, please contact the EPS team.

For convenience, the EPS team creates and maintains several "included" manifests for each Adobe release, for use in your unit manifest structure.

Best practice is to use one of the above in your unit's base_default manifest.

Uninstalling Creative Cloud 2019

While CC 2019 is supported, we encourage IT Pros to transition to CC 2021 or 2020 whenever possible. 

To uninstall 2019 Creative Cloud applications:

Maintaining Your Manifest Templates

We recommend removing Adobe included manifests and other version-specific items (e.g. Office 2019) from your manifest templates, and instead put them in your base_default manifest for greater ease in updating your unit to current versions. See more information about manifest templates.

Contact the EPS team