Zoom, Instructor, Training

This article explains the different ways to currently receive Zoom Training and documentation.

IMPORTANT: Please reach out to your local departmental or college IT help desk to confirm there is no training being offered direct. These sessions and more specifically their accompanying Q&A's will be tailored for your use cases.

Instructor Handouts/Department Specific Documentation:

ATLASTeaching with Zoom

Getting Started with Zoom


Instructor Checklist for Continuity of Instruction

Using Zoom for Synchronous Classes
iSchooliSchool Wiki: Zoom

ACES Teaching Activation Plan

EngineeringEngineering IT Keep Teaching

Zoom Videos

ZoomZoom Video Tutorials
CITLTeaching Synchronously with Zoom
Gies BusinessGetting Started with Zoom

eLearning: Start with ZOOM
Engineering ITHow to log into Zoom on the Web

How to log into the Zoom Desktop Client
iSchoolIntroduction to Moodle and Zoom

Zoom Supported Training