Learn@Illinois Moodle - Getting Started with Proctorio

Proctorio is an online proctoring service covered by the Office of the Provost so that students do not need to pay any fees for proctoring. Learn how to set up Proctorio in your Moodle course site.

For a permanent link to this information, please use: https://go.illinois.edu/MoodleProctorio

You will learn how to:
  • Add the "Secured Exam Proctor" External tool activity and move it to the very top of your course homepage.
  • Install the Proctorio Chrome extension.
  • Enable Proctorio and adjust settings on your Quiz activity's "Edit settings" page.

  1. Open a Google Chrome browser window.
    Note: Proctorio only works in Chrome.
  2. Go to your Moodle course home page at learn.illinois.edu.
  3. Turn editing on.
    Turn editing on
  4. In the very top section of your course, click Add an activity or resource.
    Add an activity or resource
  5. Select External tool and click Add.
    Select External Tool and Add
  6. For the "Activity name", type in Secure Exam Proctor. In the "Preconfigured tool" drop-down menu, select Secure Exam Proctor.
    Name activity and select Secure Exam Proctor
  7. Verify that, under "Common module settings", "Availability" is set to Show on course page. This is the default.
    Note: Students may need to click on this before they take the quiz to ensure that Proctorio is activated.
    Verify the Common module settings is set to Show on course page
  8. Click the Save and Display button.
    Click Save and display
  9. If you have not already installed the Chrome plug-in, you will see a link for https://getproctorio.com/ to install it.
    Click on link to install Proctorio Chrome plug-in
    Note: Verify that the Proctorio extension is allowed on all sites. To check this, navigate to the three dots icon (...) in the top right-hand corner of your browser, expand the More Tools drop-down menu, then select Extensions. Find the Proctorio extension, click on the Details button, and under "Site access" verify that "On all sites" is selected.
    Enable Proctorio Chrome extension site access on all sites
  10. Now, go back to your course homepage. Make sure that editing is still turned on and click and hold the arrow icon to drag the External tool activity (Secure Exam Proctor) you created to the top of the page. It should now be the first activity in the course. Make sure that the activity is visible, which is the default.
    Drag-and-drop Secure Exam Proctor (External Tool activity)
  11. Now you will need to change some settings in the quiz itself. Do one of the following: 
    • Click on an already existing quiz, then, click the blue Actions menu gear icon, and select Edit settings.
      Click on your existing quiz
    • Add a new Quiz activity to your course by selecting Quiz and clicking Add. You will now be on the "Edit settings" page.
      Add a quiz activity
  12. Scroll down and click Proctorio Settings to expand the options. Check the Enable Proctorio Secure Exam Proctor checkbox.
    Click Proctorio Settings and check Enable Secure Exam Proctor
  13. There are many settings options displayed as small squares. Click the squares to enable the option. The square will turn blue when it is enabled. Our recommended settings are: Record Video, Record Audio, Record Screen, Only One Screen, No New Tabs, Close Open Tabs, Verify Video, Verify Audio, Verify Desktop, and Auto ID Check.
    Note: Consider just the “Scan at Start” or not requiring roomscans to facilitate a faster and seamless exam start. Audio and video recordings should help in capturing a test-taking environment without this additional step.
    Recommended default settings
  14. Click Create New Profile to save this set of settings so that next time you can simply click on the saved profile to get all of the settings to populate.
    Create a new profile
  15. Name and describe the profile and Save.
    Name and describe the profile and Save
  16. Finally, go up and click Timing and enter in the allotted time for the exam.
    Note: Allow approximately 15 extra minutes for the allotted test time if you use Intelligent Room Scan because it will not allow students to continue the test while scanning and will not pause the test time.
    Adjust the Timing
  17. Click Save and display.
    Save and display
  18. You will want to look at many other settings as they pertain to the quiz itself, but this completes the process specific to Proctorio! 
  19. To use Proctorio with additional quizzes, you can just repeat steps 12-16, selecting your saved profile to load your Proctorio settings.

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