Technology Loan Program, Overview

The Technology Loan Program is a partnership established across the campus IT community to loan technology hardware to eligible students, faculty, and staff who have unmet needs. This includes the loaning of computers and internet hotspot technologies to support online learning and work-from-home activities for the duration of the Covid-19 crisis.

For information on Continuing Key University Activities, please visit

For information on turning your existing mobile phone into a wireless hotspot, please visit Networking, Remote Access, Turning your mobile phone into a wireless hotspot for your computer

Students, faculty, and staff requesting cellular loan equipment will need to indicate the available cellular carrier on their submitted webform:

While the loaner cellular devices have unlimited data plans, carriers are continuing to throttle speeds after reaching specific threshold.  Traditionally, these thresholds occur after 25G. Please be aware of this when downloading large files. Data usage and any throttling will reset after the following billing period of each month, which is on the 1st for Verizon and the 10th for AT&T.


Any student with technology hardware needs should contact the Student Assistance Center (SAC) at 217-333-0050 or The SAC helps students understand university policies and procedures, connects them to campus resources, and supports students in crisis.

Eligible students will be asked to complete a short webform. Once submitted and approved by SAC, loaned equipment will be shipped to the address provided by the student with use and return instructions.

Students in need of any special software should refer to Loaner Program, Software Requests and Technology Loaner Program, Student Software Resources .


Faculty and staff with unmet needs should contact their departmental IT support staff. Departmental IT staff will vet the need and work within the College to seek approval. Given the limited supply of devices, priority will be given to those involved in instruction and student support.

Eligible faculty/staff should fill out the webform. Once submitted and approved by the College, loaned equipment will be shipped to the address provided by the employee with use and return instructions. 

Note: Please submit the form with your correct college selected. If you choose the incorrect college, your application will experience delays. If you are not sure what college to select, you can check using our spreadsheet.

Equipment Activation Instructions

All packing materials and labels shipped with loaned equipment should be retained for returning.

Set-up and cleaning instructions for all loaned device types are located in Box.

Instructions for setting up smartphones loaned for use with Safer Illinois can be found at Safer Illinois, Smartphone Loan Setup Instructions .

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What devices are available for loan?

    • We currently have Windows laptops, webcams, and internet hotspots available. These are assigned based on availability and need, so you may not receive the device you prefer.

  • What do I do if I have problems with my loaner device?

    • Please contact the Help Desk at or 217-244-7000 for assistance with your loaned device.

  • How long do I get to keep my loaner?

    • At this time, the loaner period is set to last until the end of Spring 2021.  Students who were loaned a device in Spring 2020 are a registered student for the summer and/or fall 2020 semester are eligible to keep their loaner. If you are graduating or otherwise leaving the university, you will be emailed information regarding the return process for your equipment. If you are a faculty/staff member, you will also be allowed to keep your loaner past the Spring 2020 semester.

  • How long will it take to ship?

    • Once your request has been processed, you will receive shipping information via email. Please refer to the tracking number in this email to determine the estimated arrival for your device. We cannot provide a delivery estimate until you receive tracking information.

  • How do I return my loaner?

    • Please send the equipment back in the original packaging (if possible) with the provided return label. Packages can be dropped off at any UPS pick-up site.

  • What if I lost the return label?

    • Please contact the Help Desk at or 217-244-7000, and a new label will be emailed to you to print and affix.
    • Please include the following information:
      • Your name, email, phone number, and what equipment you are returning
      • Where you are shipping from (i.e. your address)
      • The dimensions of the package you are sending back
      • The weight of the package