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SCS Cores Physical Distancing

Coronavirus social distancing efforts - March 2021


  • Disinfect high-touch areas every 4 hours
  • Please contact CORES staff electronically if at all possible
    • In-person interactions by appointment only
    • Maintain 6 feet between persons
  • Staff are instructed to isolate as much as possible
  • Instrument training for walk-up use is suspended until further notice
    • If an experiment is necessary but the user does not have the required training on a walk-up instrument, arrangements can be made for a staff member to conduct the experiment.

Additional policies by Lab/Shop facility

Cell Media

  • Make all media requests electronically
  • Designate only 1 person per group to pick up media or plates
  • Additional Biosafety hood actions:
    • Only student who has signed up for biosafety hood use is allowed in the facility at their scheduled use time
    • Follow all hood cleaning guidelines when finished
    • Additionally clean the outside facial glass on the hood using the same hood cleaning procedures after use.

Electronic Services

  • Call or Email to arrange appointment for necessary onsite repairs
  • Video conference for all design work, when possible

NMR and EPR Labs

  • Call or Email to make appointment for necessary instrument visits with a staff member
  • Contact a staff member immediately if an instrument problem arises.

Glass Shop

  • Call or Email to make appointment for necessary onsite repairs
  • Video conference for all design work, when possible
  • All pickups will be labeled on the counter as you enter the shop.
  • No Student use of the shop is allowed until further notice


  • Please only contact electronically and arrangements will be made for pickup/delivery of product when necessary

High Throughput

  • Student experiments are still being conducted
  • Maintain 6 foot distance between users and staff
  • Untrained users can arrange for experimentation by staff.

Machine Shop

  • Please arrange for electronic consultation when possible
  • Finished products will be available for pickup at the counter by shop entrance
  • Student Machine shop is closed until further notice

Mass Spec Lab

  • Staff will run experiments for those who cannot receive training while training is suspended.
  • Walk-up experiments:
    • Students work alone
    • Maintain a 6 foot distance from Mass Spec Staff as well as other users

Microanalysis Lab

  • Notify staff in advance before you drop off samples for analysis.
  • Air sensitive capsules will be provided upon electronic request until further notice.
  • For those who cannot get trained for walkup access, experiments will be run by staff at user-run rate until training can resume.

X-ray Lab

  • Please submit samples using the online form and bring them to the lab at the appointed time only.
  • Self-run single crystal experiments:
    • Self-run experiments will be run by a technician until further notice, but self-run users will be charged the self-run rate.
  • Self-run PXRD:
    • Come in, set up experiment and leave.
    • Leave instructions for technicians to recover or dispose of samples so you do not need to return, if at all possible.

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