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The specifications from the manufacturer's quote for the original Unity Inova 500 console are given below. The items referring to the magnet have been removed, as this console was converted to 300 MHz and is used on a 300/89 Oxford magnet.

The items needed for the conversion are given in the conversion file.


  1. UNITY INOVA 500WB High-resolution NMR Console:
    • Two RF channels with observe, pulse, and decouple functions
    • Each RF channel provides computer-controlled phase shifts: 
      90° steps and 0.25° steps and 60-dB computer-controlled linear amplitude modulation in 4096 steps (capability includes waveform generation)
    • 79-dB computer-controlled attenuation in 1 dB steps
    • System amplifiers: 50-W 1H/19F linear amplifier, 300-W broadband linear amplifier
    • Broadband preamplifier with active T/R switch
    • 2H fully automatic adaptive lock with Autolock®, sample and hold
    • High sensitivity, low noise GaAs FET preamplifier for 1H/19F
    • Motorola Acquisition computer, 4-Mbyte memory
    • VxWorks real time operating system
    • 12.5-ns resolution pulse sequence controller
    • 16-bit ADC, 500-kHz spectral width, 16-Mbyte dual ported memory
    • Digital filters for up to 500 KHz spectral width
    • Automation of lock, shim, phase, gain, sample spin, and eject/insert
    • Remote Status Module and Pulsed Field Gradient compatible upper barrel
    • Complete set of Varian Manuals and Documentation
    • Samples include: 100% Ethylene Glycol, 100% Methanol, 0.1% Ethyl Benzene, 0.1% CHCl3, Doped D2O, Methyl Iodide and Nitrogen Benzamide
    • Band Pass Filters Include: 1H, 2H, 13C AND 31P
    • 1-Year Warranty; VNMR software Upgrades for 1 Year
  2. Helium Probe and Level Meter
  3. Nitrogen Probe and Level Meter
  4. Fullband RF System:
    Provides two rf channels with frequency ranges of 12 - 609.5 MHz and 499.5 - 500.5 MHz with frequency resolution of 0.1 Hz
  5. RF Attenuator Module, 3 Channel:
    Provides three 79dB rf attenuators, one for each rf channel
  6. Phase Modulator:
    Performs WALTZ 16, GARP, XY32, MLEV 16, and other modulation schemes. Provided for each channel.
  7. Variable Temperature Unit:
    0.1° temperature control from -l50°C to +200°C, computer-controlled
  8. Automation Relay Module:
    Provides automatic switching between highband observe and lowband observe experiments
  9. Waveform Generator - INOVA (2 ordered):
    60dB amplitude control in 1024 linear steps, 0.5° phase control. 50 nsec timing resolution (100 nsec minimum event time) 64 kwords RAM.
    NOTE: Order one waveform Generator per rf channel as required (e.g., if rf channels 1 and 3 require waveform generators, order a total quantity or 2)
  10. Broadband Third RF Channel, 300/400/500:
    For 15N to 31P observe and decouple; Includes 12-309.5MHz rf transmitter module, one 300 W, 12-200 MHz; 150 W, 200-245 MHz broadband linear amplifier module
  11. PFG Module for Diffusion Experiments:
    Includes PFG amplifier - 20 Amps; Upper barrel compatible with PFG probes and all standard liquid probes (PFG probe is not included)
  12. Rotor Speed Controller:
    For ultra stable spinning speed control. Includes computer, software, and controller-cabled VT Pneumatics and Tachometer Box
  13. Wideband NMR Module, 5 MHz 12-bit ADCs:
    Includes 2 each, 5 MHz 12 bit ADC's, wideband audio filters to 2 MHz, and 2-Mbyte on-board memory
  14. Complete Solids Module:
    • Combines High-Performance CP/MAS, Wideline, and Multipulse capabilities
    • Includes 1-kW 1H/19F amplifier
    • Broadband (6-220 MHz) l-kW amplifier
    • Interface kit, cabinet
    • 12-bit 2.0 MHz ADC, wideband receiver
    • (Does not include Pneumatics and Tachometer Box or probe)
  15. Solids VT System with Cabinet:
    Includes heat exchanger, 50-liter dewar, bore vent, Sorensen power supply mounted in mini cabinet (for placing on top of the cabinets of UNITYplus Systems)
  16. Rotor Synchronization:
    Includes Rotor Synchronization board, Interface kit. (Does not include Pneumatics and Tachometer box)
  17. Universal Ethernet Kit for networked Spectrometers:
    Ethernet kit is compatible with Sun SPARCstations 4, 5, 10, and 20 computers. Includes Sun Ethernet board (Sun Part No. 1053A) and cables

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