How to Create a Purchase Request in Reaction

This tutorial will walk you through creating a Purchase Request in Reaction.

  1. Go to the Reaction website ( You can also find this on the SCS Business Office web page ( under RESOURCES on the right hand side. 
  2. From the toolbar on the left side of the page, click the CREATE PURCHASE REQUEST link:  pr1.png
  3. Your personal information will auto-populate. If you need to correct anything, you can do so on this page. Items marked with a red * are required fields. 
  4. If you have a quote or other information to upload via PDF, be sure to select this button at the bottom of this page: pr2.png
  5. When all information has been completed, you will select CONTINUE TO THE NEXT STEP. 
  6. If you select that you do have a PDF, the next screen will look like this: pr3.pngChoose your file and label it appropriately (in the Comments field), then Submit to be taken to the screen to add your individual items (see next step).                                                     
  7. If you did notselect that you have a PDF, you'll be taken directly to the screen to add your individual items for purchase.
    • Note that you can also upload a PDF from this page, if you realize that you did not select that option initially
  8. Enter the item number, item description, quantity, unit (be sure to choose appropriately from the dropdown for this field), and the unit cost (must be xx.xx format), then Add this Item
    • If you have additional items to add to the Purchase Request, repeat #5 above until all items are added (be sure to Add this Item for each item; failing to click this will result in an item not be added to the Purchase Request)
  9. Select Proceed to payment. You have three choices for payment, but can only apply ONE to a Purchase Request. Click the appropriate radio button and then Select Payment Type: pr4.png
  10. Enter the CFOP (full 19 digit string) or the Alias and then select Pay with this CFOPA and submit this order
  11. The Purchase Request is now submitted and pending approval by the person listed as the responsible party for the CFOPA(s) used on the order *
  12. If this order is BELOW your spending threshold, the order will be locked and subsequent changes can be made by notifying

* If you are listed as the Responsible Party in Reaction (for approving PRs) you will not need to approve a Purchase Request you submit on your own account. Orders submitted on your account by others will route to you for approval via an automated email.