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101Learn@Illinois Moodle - Using UI Smart Import78177University of Illinois LAS2023-03-213266
102Learn@Illinois Moodle - Making Workshop More Automatic71840University of Illinois LAS2023-03-214159
103Learn@Illinois Moodle - Edit Multiple Activities with the Mass Actions Block72069University of Illinois LAS2023-03-216343
104Learn@Illinois Moodle - Creating a Category (Folder) to Organize your Gradebook78454University of Illinois LAS2023-03-213865
105Learn@Illinois Moodle - Survey Activity78170University of Illinois LAS2023-03-173359
106Learn@Illinois Moodle - Questionnaire Activity78152University of Illinois LAS2023-03-173789
107Learn@Illinois Moodle - Lesson Activity77249University of Illinois LAS2023-03-173197
108Learn@Illinois Moodle - Glossary Activity78146University of Illinois LAS2023-03-173206
109Learn@Illinois Moodle - Forum Activity77217University of Illinois LAS2023-03-176002
110Learn@Illinois Moodle - Feedback Activity78122University of Illinois LAS2023-03-173591
111Learn@Illinois Moodle - External Tool Activity78118University of Illinois LAS2023-03-172998
112Learn@Illinois Moodle - Student - Unable to View Course Site71248University of Illinois LAS2023-03-1711457
113Learn@Illinois Moodle - Illinois Media Space (IMS) Resource71814University of Illinois LAS2023-03-175244
114Learn@Illinois Moodle - Changing Your Text Editor71354University of Illinois LAS2023-03-175602
115Learn@Illinois Moodle - Adding, Configuring, and Deleting Blocks71419University of Illinois LAS2023-03-174907
116Learn@Illinois Moodle - Adding Users71333University of Illinois LAS2023-03-179001
117Learn@Illinois Moodle - UI Activity Grader in Assignment71827University of Illinois LAS2023-03-178347
118Learn@Illinois Moodle - Using Single View to Grade94485University of Illinois LAS2023-03-162195
119Learn@Illinois Moodle - Deducting Points from a Student's Final Grade78745University of Illinois LAS2023-03-165387
120Learn@Illinois Moodle - Importing Grades Using a Spreadsheet72411University of Illinois LAS2023-03-166005

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