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161Webstore, Discounts for ESRI ArcGIS instructor-led training courses56159University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-201524
162Webstore, Invalid Key error when installing Office on personal computer56806University of Illinois Technology Services2018-05-011521
163WebStore, Right click on a Windows Surface51915University of Illinois Technology Services2019-03-251521
164Webstore, Microsoft software in different languages56173University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-261504
165Webstore, Are SAS Power and Sample Size Application included in the SAS Teaching and Research version?56155University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-201502
166WebStore, Purchase using a P-Card56216University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-301501
167Webstore, Offer not visible after login56859University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-301491
168Webstore, What is the FaCT Upgrade Fee?56777University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-301486
169Webstore, Order shipment not received56861University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-301472
170Webstore, Requesting a replacement for a damaged shipment56788University of Illinois Technology Services2018-05-011469
171Webstore, Who is covered under the Microsoft Campus Agreement56573University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-261457
172WebStore, Setting a persistent hostname on a Mac that uses DHCP73998University of Illinois Technology Services2018-06-111457
173Webstore, Installing Windows Upgrade and Office on Lab Machines56572University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-261449
174Webstore, Commercial use of software56263University of Illinois Technology Services2018-05-011441
175Webstore, Purchases on Banner Account Statments56821University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-301418
176Webstore, Graduate and Professional Student Eligibility56177University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-301417
177WebStore, What should I do if I receive "Well, this is embarrassing...when trying to make a WebStore purchase.77458University of Illinois Technology Services2019-03-251392
178WebStore, Open an app from an unidentified developer on Mac78557University of Illinois Technology Services2018-05-151204
179WebStore, Error Activating Windows 10 when using Parallels on Mac80478University of Illinois Technology Services2018-05-241099
180WebStore, Using your data with a WebStore Virtual App83020University of Illinois Technology Services2018-10-04969

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