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161Webstore, Transfer ESRI ArcGIS student license to a different computer56163University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-202254
162Webstore, Error installing SAS saying the application does not support this platform56154University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-201852
163Webstore, Connection to the WebStore Remote Application server disconnects56151University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-201900
164Webstore, Autodesk keeps asking for license manager56156University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-202557
165Webstore, Matlab third-party toolboxes56172University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-202117
166Webstore, Page appears to be unavailable56160University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-201726
167Webstore, Are SAS Power and Sample Size Application included in the SAS Teaching and Research version?56155University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-201502
168Webstore, Windows 8 upgrade paths56167University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-202051
169Webstore, Difference between SAS Teaching & Research and the Internal Administrative licenses56164University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-202115
170Skype for Business, Outlook, Training available47863University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-184801
171Webstore, Providing Adobe site license installers to student employees56153University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-171570
172Webstore, Purchasing an Apple App56169University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-171668
173Webstore, ESRI ArcGIS software license is in need of a repair operation56165University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-177048
174Webstore, Licensing rules for software56162University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-171727
175Webstore, Origin Pro installation is no longer licensed56161University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-172039
176Webstore, Return borrowed Autodesk License Issues56166University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-172171
177Webstore, Bing Maps basemaps not appearing in the Add Basemap dialog through ArcMap56158University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-171731
178WebStore, LabVIEW software expiring or activation54566University of Illinois Technology Services2018-04-172433
179Security, Software, Anti-Virus, Non-McAfee Home Solutions67971University of Illinois Technology Services2018-01-3112350
180Active Directory, Authentication and Authorization48156University of Illinois Technology Services2018-01-034792

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