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201LAS Framework - Footer Information72972University of Illinois LAS2022-02-034500
202LAS Framework - Highlighted Course Page72889University of Illinois LAS2022-02-034556
203LAS Framework - Introduction & list of current departments79416University of Illinois LAS2022-02-034855
204ATLAS FormBuilder - Text Merge Formatting (Advanced Users)95562University of Illinois LAS2021-10-293522
205Learn@Illinois Moodle - Connecting with Digication e-Portfolio80783University of Illinois LAS2021-10-226301
206Learn@Illinois Moodle - Zoom Activity92442University of Illinois LAS2021-09-076767
207Learn@Illinois Moodle - Using Log Reports to See Student Activity83572University of Illinois LAS2021-09-074318
208Learn@Illinois Moodle - Making Announcements with the Announcements Forum71831University of Illinois LAS2021-08-264550
209Learn@Illinois Moodle - Editing Sections71355University of Illinois LAS2021-08-264526
210Learn@Illinois Moodle - Using Quiz Statistics to Identify Problematic Questions79614University of Illinois LAS2021-08-264798
211Learn@Illinois Moodle - Surveying your Students74571University of Illinois LAS2021-08-264534
212Learn@Illinois Moodle - Changing Default Zoom Settings92471University of Illinois LAS2021-08-163655
213Learn@Illinois Moodle - Student - Installing and Logging in to the Moodle Mobile App for Android91034University of Illinois LAS2021-08-164663
214Learn@Illinois Moodle - Adding CITL-Recorded Video Lectures to your Course86754University of Illinois LAS2021-08-134132
215Learn@Illinois Moodle - Setting up Choice Activity80437University of Illinois LAS2021-08-133394
216Learn@Illinois Moodle - Using UI Quick Quiz Entry79886University of Illinois LAS2021-08-133811
217Learn@Illinois Moodle - Chat Activity78101University of Illinois LAS2021-08-133187
218Learn@Illinois Moodle - Link to McGraw-Hill Connect71626University of Illinois LAS2021-08-125618
219Mac IP Printing56597University of Illinois LAS2021-08-011946
220Math Department: Link Your Webpage64382University of Illinois LAS2021-08-011272

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