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281Setting up Hybrid Meetings in iSchool Conference Rooms129584School of Information Sciences2024-05-23530
282iSchool Rooms: How to use the control panel (Room 4035, 4165, 5116)129247School of Information Sciences2024-05-23538
283iSchool Rooms: How to Connect to the Television with a Laptop via HDMI (Non-Panel Rooms)129029School of Information Sciences2024-05-23470
284iSchool Rooms: How to Connect to the Television from a Laptop via HDMI (Panel Rooms)129028School of Information Sciences2024-05-23622
285iSchool Rooms: How to Connect the Television to a Windows Laptop Wirelessly (Panel Rooms)129038School of Information Sciences2024-05-23468
286iSchool Rooms: How to Connect the Television to a Windows Laptop Wirelessly (4018)129037School of Information Sciences2024-05-23626
287iSchool Rooms: How to connect the Television to a Mac Laptop Wirelessly (Panel Rooms)129035School of Information Sciences2024-05-23470
288iSchool Rooms: Conference Room Hybrid Audio129025School of Information Sciences2024-05-23604
289iSchool Conference Room, 5116129998School of Information Sciences2024-05-23445
290iSchool Conference Room, 4165129997School of Information Sciences2024-05-23573
291iSchool Conference Room, 4043/4045 (Multipurpose Room)129980School of Information Sciences2024-05-23611
292iSchool Conference Room, 4035129979School of Information Sciences2024-05-23458
293iSchool Conference Room, 4031129970School of Information Sciences2024-05-23541
294iSchool Conference Room, 4018129595School of Information Sciences2024-05-23458
295iSchool Classroom, LIS 53129019School of Information Sciences2024-05-23507
296iSchool Classroom, LIS 46129003School of Information Sciences2024-05-23470
297iSchool Classroom, LIS 242129026School of Information Sciences2024-05-23498
298iSchool Classroom, LIS 131129008School of Information Sciences2024-05-23495
299iSchool Classroom, LIS 12A128979School of Information Sciences2024-05-23578
300iSchool Classroom, LIS 126129002School of Information Sciences2024-05-23614
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