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301Endpoint Services, Adobe Acrobat Licensing Application Serial Number Error100184University of Illinois Technology Services2020-08-264270
302NMR-UI500NB Reservation Protocol [Campus login required]100150School of Chemical Sciences
303Adobe Sign - How do I send documents for signature?99977University of Illinois System2022-06-301378
304Adobe Sign - Are there any guides and tutorials?99967University of Illinois System2022-07-0110521
305Zoom, Using authentication options to limit access to your virtual event99919University of Illinois Technology Services2022-02-0941412
306Technology Loan Program, Overview99680University of Illinois Technology Services2023-02-0619188
307Zoom, How to protect your sessions99469University of Illinois Technology Services2022-02-2225420
308Help Desk, Tech Support Referral Resources99272University of Illinois Technology Services2023-03-074582
309Zoom, Students, Getting Started99188University of Illinois Technology Services2022-05-2731049
310Zoom, Instructors, Best Practices98800University of Illinois Technology Services2020-08-145799
311Client Services Support, Remote Work IT Guidelines98687University of Illinois Technology Services2020-03-113310
312SCS Accident and Injury Response98557School of Chemical Sciences
313Zoom, Local Recordings98529University of Illinois Technology Services2021-03-018254
314MICROANALYSIS - Elemental Analysis Method for CHN via CHN/O/S Elemental Analyzer CHN44098481School of Chemical Sciences
315Elemental Analysis Method for Halide via Oxygen Combustion Flask and/or Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)98405School of Chemical Sciences
316Standard Operating Procedure for Differential Scanning Calorimeter - Instrument decommissioned.98383School of Chemical Sciences
317Standard Operating Procedure for Thermogravimetric Analysis - Instrument decommissioned.98380School of Chemical Sciences
318Adobe Creative Cloud - Subscription Renewal98278Answers @ ACES2022-10-283589
319Identity Management, Tools, Cerebro Overview [Campus login required]98155University of Illinois Technology Services2022-10-174020
320Illinois Compass 2g, Updating Lynda links to LinkedIn Learning98128University of Illinois Technology Services2022-06-202234
321Office 365, Exchange Online Basic Authentication vs. Modern Authentication97955University of Illinois Technology Services2022-07-187179
322Learn@Illinois Moodle - Student - Troubleshooting Log in Problems97858University of Illinois LAS2020-02-274689
323Standard Operating Procedure for Powder Diffraction on Rigaku MiniFlex 60097837School of Chemical Sciences
324Endpoint Security, CrowdStrike, Notification from Security [Campus login required]97835University of Illinois Technology Services2023-02-280
325U of I Box, Accepting or Rejecting Collaboration Invitations97781University of Illinois Technology Services2022-07-282813
326Ferpa: Why don't I have access after taking the training?97630Engineering IT
Shared Services
327Standard Operating Procedure for Crystal Mounting, Centering, Unit Cell Determination, Data Collection, and Integration on the DUO97574School of Chemical Sciences
328Office 365, ProPlus browser extension for Chrome97503University of Illinois Technology Services2020-02-034144
329Adding non-ChBE / Chemistry grads and post-docs to ChBE / Chemistry mailing lists and access to ChemOffice97434School of Chemical Sciences
330Endpoint Services, MECM, Software Metering97267University of Illinois Technology Services2023-01-093213

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