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41Technology Enhanced Classrooms, Transportation Building 11257339University of Illinois Technology Services2024-04-026555
42Technology Enhanced Classrooms, Transportation Building 10157330University of Illinois Technology Services2024-04-027453
43Technology Enhanced Classrooms, Siebel Center For Computer Science 140457412University of Illinois Technology Services2024-04-0212037
44Technology Enhanced Classrooms, Siebel Center For Computer Science 130457409University of Illinois Technology Services2024-04-027043
45Technology Enhanced Classrooms, Siebel Center For Computer Science 130257406University of Illinois Technology Services2024-04-027401
46Technology Enhanced Classrooms, Mumford Hall 31357392University of Illinois Technology Services2024-04-026584
47Technology Enhanced Classrooms, Mumford Hall 10357388University of Illinois Technology Services2024-04-0210114
48Technology Enhanced Classrooms, Engineering Hall 106B857220University of Illinois Technology Services2024-04-027959
49Technology Enhanced Classrooms, Engineering Hall 106B657218University of Illinois Technology Services2024-04-026770
50Technology Enhanced Classrooms, Engineering Hall 106B357217University of Illinois Technology Services2024-04-027216
51Technology Enhanced Classrooms, Engineering Hall 106B157214University of Illinois Technology Services2024-04-028590
52Technology Enhanced Classrooms, Digital Computer Lab 131057372University of Illinois Technology Services2024-04-0211654
53Technology Enhanced Classrooms, Ceramics Building 21857516University of Illinois Technology Services2024-04-027597
54Locum Process SOP [Campus login required]136513UofI College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital2024-04-021
55UPAY - Viewing Images Using BDM from FOIDOCH120665UI Training and Development Resources2024-03-291223
56UPB - Document Checklist for Independent Contractor Payments [Campus login required]119910UI Training and Development Resources2024-03-29156
57UPB - Document Checklist for Human Subject Payments [Campus login required]119906UI Training and Development Resources2024-03-29215
58UPB - Document Checklist for Reimbursements: Foreign National Students and Non-Employees [Campus login required]121501UI Training and Development Resources2024-03-295
59Technology Enhanced Classrooms, David Kinley Hall 31757573University of Illinois Technology Services2024-03-286890
60Technology Enhanced Classrooms, Davenport Hall 32957333University of Illinois Technology Services2024-03-285921
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