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41Zoom: Using the Whiteboard in Breakout Rooms129751School of Information Sciences2024-05-23753
42Zoom: Tips and Best Practices129746School of Information Sciences2024-05-23615
43Zoom: Noteworthy Settings126719School of Information Sciences2024-05-23888
44Zoom: Notes Tool132290School of Information Sciences2024-05-23684
45Zoom: Inviting Attendees128360School of Information Sciences2024-05-23517
46Zoom: Creating a Session129063School of Information Sciences2024-05-23567
47Zoom: Adding Alternative Hosts to Zoom Meetings128357School of Information Sciences2024-05-23859
48Zoom: Webinars129747School of Information Sciences2024-05-23558
49Smudgy Printing on Laserjet Printers129715School of Information Sciences2024-05-23374
50Secure Printing129609School of Information Sciences2024-05-23388
51Scanning129040School of Information Sciences2024-05-23410
52Printing with the Bypass Tray129479School of Information Sciences2024-05-23458
53Printing to Non-iSchool UIUC Printers129475School of Information Sciences2024-05-23424
54How to play audio through the built-in speakers (Windows)129239School of Information Sciences2024-05-23399
55How to play audio through the built-in speakers (Mac)129238School of Information Sciences2024-05-23383
56How to connect the Television to a Mac laptop wirelessly (4018)129034School of Information Sciences2024-05-23416
57iSchool Rooms: How to use the control panel (Room 4035, 4165, 5116)129247School of Information Sciences2024-05-23470
58iSchool Rooms: How to use the control panel (Room 12A, 46, 53, 126, 131, 242)128936School of Information Sciences2024-05-23486
59iSchool Rooms: How to Use the Control Panel (Multipurpose Room)129243School of Information Sciences2024-05-23615
60iSchool Rooms: How to Use the Built-In Computer128935School of Information Sciences2024-05-23449
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