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401How do I launch my site?83389UIC Technology Solutions2020-10-13873
402Who can register .org domains for UIC?93020UIC Technology Solutions2020-10-131655
403How can I request my own Webex host account?81121UIC Technology Solutions2020-10-135212
404What are my responsibilities if I receive an Technology SolutionsELL laptop?75028UIC Technology Solutions2020-10-131415
405Do I receive funds for printing each semester?83339UIC Technology Solutions2020-10-134282
406Which team should you contact regarding lecture center/rooms and their corresponding facilities ?75682UIC Technology Solutions2020-10-131388
407What will happen with my polls when the enterprise license for Poll Everywhere expires?93488UIC Technology Solutions2020-10-131293
408How do I request software to be installed in a classroom, computer lab, or the Virtual Computer Lab?83629UIC Technology Solutions2020-10-133771
409How do I get started with Pinnacle V7 Department Manager?94100UIC Technology Solutions2020-10-131122
410What are the Administrative Guidelines regarding use of Technology Solutions's Data Center?92951UIC Technology Solutions2020-10-13905
411What are the requirements and costs of a MySQL database hosted through Technology Solutions?94026UIC Technology Solutions2020-10-131248
412How do I get an external tool integrated in Blackboard?77994UIC Technology Solutions2020-10-13660
413Are MySQL databases available through Technology Solutions?94025UIC Technology Solutions2020-10-131119
414What is the cost of Technology Solutions On-Site Support services?94077UIC Technology Solutions2020-10-13874
415Why isn't my Echo 360 lecture capture available? When do recordings become available?76438UIC Technology Solutions2020-10-131105
416How do I reserve a computer lab?92079UIC Technology Solutions2020-10-131226
417What are the requirements and costs of an MS SQL database hosted through Technology Solutions?94028UIC Technology Solutions2020-10-131134
418Where can I store Lightboard videos and how can my students access them?91985UIC Technology Solutions2020-10-131103
419When is the recharge rate for the future fiscal year developed?92110UIC Technology Solutions2020-10-13785
420How long should I reserve the Lightboard Studio to record a video?91984UIC Technology Solutions2020-10-131131

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