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61ATLAS FormBuilder - Text merge fields87754University of Illinois LAS2019-11-062626
62ATLAS FormBuilder - Text Merge Formatting (Advanced Users)95562University of Illinois LAS2021-10-292447
63ATLAS FormBuilder - Text Merge Formatting Cheat Sheet95604University of Illinois LAS2019-11-182166
64ATLAS FormBuilder - Trigger Confirmation Email84451University of Illinois LAS2018-11-082917
65ATLAS FormBuilder - Webservice Quickstart91087University of Illinois LAS2020-05-192072
66ATLAS Gradebook - Adding a bonus assignment category73542University of Illinois LAS2017-06-065677
67ATLAS Gradebook - Adding a point total category51883University of Illinois LAS2015-09-233176
68ATLAS Gradebook - Adding assignment category51680University of Illinois LAS2015-09-233232
69ATLAS Gradebook - Adding assignment to assignment category51681University of Illinois LAS2016-02-183251
70ATLAS Gradebook - Adding instructor to course term and section51668University of Illinois LAS2015-09-232695
71ATLAS Gradebook - Adding instructor to section51664University of Illinois LAS2015-09-232882
72ATLAS Gradebook - Assigning instructor to course term and section56658University of Illinois LAS2015-09-233925
73ATLAS Gradebook - Assigning letter grades56664University of Illinois LAS2015-09-234267
74ATLAS Gradebook - Bulk Updating Assignment Scores51888University of Illinois LAS2015-09-232860
75ATLAS Gradebook - Copying Assignment Scores51927University of Illinois LAS2015-09-232700
76ATLAS Gradebook - Excused Assignments Explained84932University of Illinois LAS2020-10-153282
77ATLAS Gradebook - Getting Started51655University of Illinois LAS2020-01-136537
78**** ATLAS Gradebook - Homepage51650University of Illinois LAS2019-09-239849
79ATLAS Gradebook - iClicker import73912University of Illinois LAS2017-06-094141
80ATLAS Gradebook - Importing scores with "Name, Assignment, Score" format51887University of Illinois LAS2015-09-233388

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