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61Learn@Illinois Moodle - Adding, Configuring, and Deleting Blocks71419University of Illinois LAS2023-03-174904
62ATLAS VacSick - How to delete entered leave63836University of Illinois LAS2016-06-203693
63Learn@Illinois Moodle - Adding and Removing a Course Dashboard Image94277University of Illinois LAS2019-09-063329
64Learn@Illinois Moodle - Edit Multiple Activities with the Mass Actions Block72069University of Illinois LAS2023-03-216337
65ATLAS Directory –Adding and Removing Users, and Area Affiliations61589University of Illinois LAS2016-08-194639
66ATLAS Scheduler - Make a New Request61310University of Illinois LAS2019-11-155077
67Learn@Illinois Moodle - Student - Undoing Changes in OU Wiki87117University of Illinois LAS2023-03-213760
68ATLAS Directory - Edit User Profile61698University of Illinois LAS2016-09-136194
69Learn@Illinois Moodle - Adding Users to Groups90415University of Illinois LAS2020-11-023145
70Learn@Illinois Moodle - Excluding a Grade for a Specific Student72370University of Illinois LAS2023-03-277298
71ATLAS Directory - Upload Photo / CV61584University of Illinois LAS2017-10-134981
72ATLAS Time Card - How to Edit or Delete Time Entries94684University of Illinois LAS2021-01-263152
73Learn@Illinois Moodle - Student - Working With OU Wikis85444University of Illinois LAS2023-05-015798
74ATLAS FormBuilder - Deleting Phase Permissions80505University of Illinois LAS2018-08-223645
75Learn@Illinois Moodle - Using the Atto HTML Text Editor105990University of Illinois LAS2021-07-093790
76ATLAS FormBuilder - Removing Period Restrictions for Selected Users80665University of Illinois LAS2018-08-243223
77Learn@Illinois Moodle - Using the Tiny MCE Text Editor71424University of Illinois LAS2022-09-0111596
78Learn@Illinois Moodle - Blocks Help77615University of Illinois LAS2022-09-154434
79Remove T-Card Transaction88353University of Illinois System2023-04-252865
80Banner - How the main time approver can remove a time approver proxy setup115157University of Illinois System2023-01-24233

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