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61Endpoint Services, Munki, What training is available for Multi-Tenant Munki?72421University of Illinois Technology Services2022-10-173138
62Ability LMS - Catalog Segment for the Trainer Profile121637UI Training and Development Resources2022-10-13376
63Ability LMS - Courses Segment for the Trainer Profile118894UI Training and Development Resources2022-09-30616
64Title IX Training, Frequently asked questions71993University of Illinois Technology Services2022-09-015949
65MS Teams and Zoom Resources for System Office staff [Campus login required]113297University of Illinois System2022-08-310
66Ability LMS - Logging into and Navigating the System110449UI Training and Development Resources2022-08-184809
67UAFR - Query Searches Using One Field118976UI Training and Development Resources2022-08-18793
68UAFR - Query Searching Using Multiple Fields118977UI Training and Development Resources2022-08-18837
69UAFR - Correcting a Journal Voucher with Incomplete Status120428UI Training and Development Resources2022-08-18492
70UAFR - Correcting a Posted Journal Voucher Transaction120429UI Training and Development Resources2022-08-18469
71AITS - Process Improvement Leadership Training120599UI Training and Development Resources2022-08-15487
72AITS - Kanban Training120597UI Training and Development Resources2022-08-15476
73UAFR - FCIAA: Training for Other Roles120515UI Training and Development Resources2022-08-11417
74Zoom, Instructor, Training98626University of Illinois Technology Services2022-08-033950
75JDXpert - UIUC Training Modules118728UI Training and Development Resources2022-07-152273
76Ability LMS - Interacting with Post-Course Workflow110453UI Training and Development Resources2022-07-151821
77Illinois Compass 2g, Self-enroll in Open Learning and Training Spaces63287University of Illinois Technology Services2022-06-205160
78NMR-New User Training Booklet-page1 [Campus login required]100998School of Chemical Sciences
79SANDI - Radiology Information System (RIS)117753UI College of Veterinary Medicine2022-04-25834
80Zoom, FAQ93201University of Illinois Technology Services2022-04-207386

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