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61Webstore, Registration code for ESRI products56781University of Illinois Technology Services2017-04-11679
62Webstore, Apple software56780University of Illinois Technology Services2017-04-11681
63Webstore, Release timeline for new versions of software56779University of Illinois Technology Services2017-04-11848
64Webstore, Issues with the Symantec antivirus software56778University of Illinois Technology Services2017-04-11691
65Webstore, What is the FaCT Upgrade Fee?56777University of Illinois Technology Services2017-04-11636
66Webstore, Windows for Mac56776University of Illinois Technology Services2017-04-11733
67Webstore, MATLAB won't open56774University of Illinois Technology Services2017-04-11850
68Webstore, Autodesk SketchBook Pro repeatedly prompts to register and activate with the serial number56773University of Illinois Technology Services2017-04-11565
69Webstore, Error when applying new SAS license file56582University of Illinois Technology Services2017-04-11752
70Webstore, LabVIEW about to expire despite applying the new license file56580University of Illinois Technology Services2017-04-11646
71Webstore, Microsoft software activation on computers not connected to the UI network56579University of Illinois Technology Services2017-04-11778
72Webstore, Microsoft Desktop Package for IT Pros56578University of Illinois Technology Services2017-04-11633
73Webstore, Windows and Office for University owned computers56577University of Illinois Technology Services2017-04-11614
74Webstore, Microsoft Enterprise CAL Suite56576University of Illinois Technology Services2017-04-11592
75Webstore, Who is covered under the Microsoft Campus Agreement56573University of Illinois Technology Services2017-04-11584
76Webstore, Installing Windows Upgrade and Office on Lab Machines56572University of Illinois Technology Services2017-04-11625
77Webstore, Retiree eligibility for the Microsoft Campus Agreement56571University of Illinois Technology Services2017-04-11802
78Webstore, Microsoft Office / Windows not genuine and has expired message56570University of Illinois Technology Services2017-04-11622
79Webstore, Changes to the Autodesk software license56382University of Illinois Technology Services2017-04-11978
80WebStore, How to take a screenshot.56380University of Illinois Technology Services2017-04-11536

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