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81Technology Enhanced Classrooms, Animal Sciences Lab 13162396University of Illinois Technology Services2024-05-307938
82EWS Labs, Guest accounts85859Engineering IT
Shared Services
83Instructor Checklist - Engineering IT97001Engineering IT
Shared Services
84EWS Labs, Home Directory Disk Quota85717Engineering IT
Shared Services
85Security, Scams targeting International Students and Scholars123110University of Illinois Technology Services2024-05-231141
86How to connect the Television to a Mac laptop wirelessly (4018)129034School of Information Sciences2024-05-23554
87Setting up Hybrid Meetings in iSchool Conference Rooms129584School of Information Sciences2024-05-23611
88iSchool Rooms: How to Connect to the Television with a Laptop via HDMI (Non-Panel Rooms)129029School of Information Sciences2024-05-23565
89iSchool Rooms: How to Connect to the Television from a Laptop via HDMI (Panel Rooms)129028School of Information Sciences2024-05-23723
90iSchool Rooms: How to Connect the Television to a Windows Laptop Wirelessly (Panel Rooms)129038School of Information Sciences2024-05-23531
91iSchool Rooms: How to Connect the Television to a Windows Laptop Wirelessly (4018)129037School of Information Sciences2024-05-23683
92iSchool Rooms: How to connect the Television to a Mac Laptop Wirelessly (Panel Rooms)129035School of Information Sciences2024-05-23533
93iSchool Conference Room, 5116129998School of Information Sciences2024-05-23510
94iSchool Conference Room, 4165129997School of Information Sciences2024-05-23637
95iSchool Conference Room, 4043/4045 (Multipurpose Room)129980School of Information Sciences2024-05-23681
96iSchool Conference Room, 4035129979School of Information Sciences2024-05-23534
97iSchool Conference Room, 4031129970School of Information Sciences2024-05-23596
98iSchool Conference Room, 4018129595School of Information Sciences2024-05-23510
99SANDI - Prescription Food New/Change Request, Reporting and Setup Instructions107815UofI College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital2024-05-23589
100Active Directory, Local Administrator Password Solution66220University of Illinois Technology Services2024-05-236770
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