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1**** 2FA - 2-Factor authentication topics [Campus login required]65940University of Illinois System2020-12-112
2**** Enterprise Applications - How to Request Access69591University of Illinois System2020-11-244467
3*** Adobe Sign - What is Adobe Sign and how do I use it at the University of Illinois?99719University of Illinois System2021-04-2810376
4*** University help desk contact information89915University of Illinois System2021-02-041607
5*** Enterprise Applications - System Requirements46708University of Illinois System2020-03-1919435
6Tableau Production: Customer Alert for a known issue113696University of Illinois System2021-09-1539
7Tableau - What is a Tableau Data Extract (TDE)?73213University of Illinois System2021-08-317435
8University Bursar - How can I request a credit for a refundable fee?90466University of Illinois System2021-08-113230
9University Bursar - Why do I have a hold on my account?90455University of Illinois System2021-08-114239
10SHIELD FAQ - Does SHIELD inform the patient if a positive is one of the variants?112048University of Illinois System2021-06-28476
11SHIELD FAQ - If a patient wants to get more information about a positive test result from SHIELD, what should they do?112047University of Illinois System2021-06-28338
12SHIELD FAQ - What if a person tests positive, then negative, and then positive again? What should they do?112045University of Illinois System2021-06-28338
13SHIELD FAQ - What happens if a person tests positive with covidSHIELD and then gets a nasal PCR and tests negative? Which test should they trust?112044University of Illinois System2021-06-28452
14SHIELD FAQ - If a person is positive on covidSHIELD should they retest? Is there a possibility it could be a mistake?112043University of Illinois System2021-06-28623
15SHIELD FAQ - If I receive a positive test result from the covidSHIELD test, do I have to go and receive another test from another provider?112042University of Illinois System2021-06-28341
16SHIELD FAQ - How does the covidSHIELD test know if it is a variant or the regular strain?112041University of Illinois System2021-06-28331
17SHIELD FAQ - How will a group be notified of their test results?112000University of Illinois System2021-06-28467
18SHIELD FAQ - What happens if someone, including a child, cannot produce an acceptable saliva specimen?112004University of Illinois System2021-06-28306
19SHIELD FAQ - How much saliva does a person need to produce for a covidSHIELD test?111985University of Illinois System2021-06-28355
202FA, Adding a Device to Duo [Campus login required]67796University of Illinois System2021-06-213

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