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1ATLAS Web Framework - Basic Pages70093University of Illinois LAS2023-09-185632
2ATLAS Web Framework - Career Path Items72781University of Illinois LAS2023-09-184421
3Manage images on LAS Digital Signs74873University of Illinois LAS2023-09-183757
4Learn@Illinois Moodle - Using the Question Bank71847University of Illinois LAS2023-09-124368
5Learn@Illinois Moodle - Using Single View to Grade94485University of Illinois LAS2023-09-112326
6Learn@Illinois Moodle - Scheduling a New Meeting in Zoom92450University of Illinois LAS2023-08-173889
7ATLAS Salary Planner Assistant - Salary Letter Template124363University of Illinois LAS2023-08-15107
8Learn@Illinois Moodle - Moodle to Canvas Comparison Chart111169University of Illinois LAS2023-08-112765
9Learn@Illinois Moodle - Extending Deadlines or Time Limits for Activities71244University of Illinois LAS2023-07-316240
10**** SSW - Homepage74672University of Illinois LAS2023-07-193788
11SSW - How to Share a Printer74504University of Illinois LAS2023-07-192685
12SSW - Classroom Troubleshooting (Other)74830University of Illinois LAS2023-07-192573
13SSW - How to Install Zoom and Host/Join a Zoom Meeting106094University of Illinois LAS2023-07-192438
14SSW - How to Transfer Browser Bookmarks74514University of Illinois LAS2023-07-194217
15SSW - How to Add Programs to Microsoft Office74220University of Illinois LAS2023-07-193352
16SSW - How to Use Remote Desktop74122University of Illinois LAS2023-07-191883
17SSW - How to Add a Network Printer74117University of Illinois LAS2023-07-194112
18SSW - How to Schedule a Classroom/Conference Room73926University of Illinois LAS2023-07-192967
19SSW - Classroom Troubleshooting (Display)74570University of Illinois LAS2023-07-193217
20SSW - How to Enable Analysis ToolPak in Microsoft Excel74292University of Illinois LAS2023-07-193654

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