1. X-ray Crystallography Links
  2. X-ray Lab Software Information
  3. Machine Shop Rates
  4. X-Ray Lab Service Rates
  5. Introduction to molecular mechanics with MOE: Why does GFP need a beta-barrel shell?
  6. NMR-A Guide to the SCS NMR Lab [Campus login required]
  7. HOWTO: Show a sender's domain in Outlook
  8. How to Create a Purchase Request in Reaction
  9. How to Edit the CFOP (acount number) on a Purchase Request in Reaction
  10. Reaction - Billing dates
  11. Adding non-ChBE / Chemistry grads and post-docs to ChBE / Chemistry mailing lists and access to ChemOffice
  12. Installing ZebraDesigner Printer driver (for PC)
  13. Software - Quantum Mechanics
  14. Storage Policy - Home Directories
  15. SCS Resources for Online Instruction
  16. HOWTO: Remove MDM (Mobile Device Management) policies
  17. HTSF - Plate Sealer
  18. HTSF - Analyst HT
  19. HTSF - Platemate Plus
  20. Hourly Rates For All Electronic Services Work
  21. How To Gain Access To The Network in SCS
  22. Software - Chemical Databases
  23. Using SCS mail-enabled personnel groups
  24. Reaction - Who To Contact
  25. MICROANALYSIS - Elemental Analysis Method for CHN via CHN/O/S Elemental Analyzer CHN440
  26. SCS Computing Status
  27. SCS Accident and Injury Response
  28. SCS Clusters
  29. PaperCut - Using the Xerox Copiers in CLSL A114, CLSL 131, and RAL 15
  30. SCS Receiving, Mail Room, Copy Services and Fixed Asset Inventory
  31. SCS Process for Outgoing Shipments
  32. SCS Process for Incoming Shipments
  33. SCS Chemical Inventory - Program Protocols and Procedures
  34. Scientific Software Program
  35. SCS Computing Maintenance Windows
  36. NMR-Getting Started in the NMR Lab
  37. NMR-Welcome to the NMR Laboratory [Campus login required]
  38. NMR-UNITY INOVA 500WB NMR System
  39. Tutorials
  40. Tutorial - Quantum Chemistry - pKa Estimations using Gaussian
  41. Tutorial - Unix/Linux Primer
  42. Tutorial - Basics of membrane-protein interactions using molecular dynamics with NAMD, VMD, and CHARMM-GUI
  43. Tutorial - Introduction to Quantum Chemistry with Spartan
  44. Tutorial - Quantum Chemistry with Gaussian using GaussView
  45. Tutorial - Quantum Chemistry - Intro to Gaussian Part II
  46. Tutorial - Quantum Chemistry - Intro to Gaussian I
  47. Tutorial - Protein-ligand docking with MOE
  48. Campus Map 2020
  49. VizLab
  50. Tutorial - Quantum Chemistry - Determining the pKa of Simple Molecules Using Gaussian 2016
  51. Tutorial - Quantum Chemistry - Simulating Vibrationally-resolved Electronic Spectra Using Gaussian
  52. Software - Visualization
  53. Software - Molecular Dynamics
  54. Software - Computational Suites
  55. KnowledgeBase Tutorial - How To Review Documents
  56. Directory - adding Auxiliary users
  57. NMR-Laboratory Staff Information [Campus login required]
  58. NMR-Instrument Information [Campus login required]
  59. NMR-Connecting to the NMR Data Server [Campus login required]
  60. X-ray Status Now
  61. SCS Microanalysis Lab Status
  62. Lon-Capa "Shibboleth Error" displayed when accessing embedded videos
  63. Getting Started iClicker Student App (iClicker REEF)
  64. Elemental Analysis Method for Halide via Oxygen Combustion Flask and/or Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)
  65. Standard Operating Procedure for Thermogravimetric Analysis
  66. Standard Operating Procedure for Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  67. NMR-Instructional Handouts and Tools [Campus login required]
  68. NMR-Instrument Schedules & Reservation Protocols [Campus login required]
  69. NMR-Data Backup and Storage Policies [Campus login required]
  70. NMR-Data Access and Backup [Campus login required]
  71. NMR-New User Training Booklet-page1 [Campus login required]
  72. NMR-UI600 [Campus login required]
  73. NMR-General Experiments Handouts [Campus login required]
  74. NMR-VARIAN UNITY INOVA 600NB Specifications [Campus login required]
  75. NMR-UNITY INOVA Conversion Parts [Campus login required]
  76. NMR-UNITY 500NB NMR Console Specifications [Campus login required]
  77. NMR-UI500NB [Campus login required]
  78. NMR-VXR500 [Campus login required]
  79. NMR-CarverB500 [Campus login required]
  80. NMR-U500 [Campus login required]
  81. NMR-UI400 [Campus login required]
  82. NMR-UI300 [Campus login required]
  83. NMR-Location Maps-Lab Instruments [Campus login required]
  84. NMR-Guidelines for Using the UI600 [Campus login required]
  85. NMR-Reservation Protocols for UI600 [Campus login required]
  86. NMR-Reservation Protocols for the VNS750NB (Liquids) [Campus login required]
  87. NMR-Terms of Agreement for Solid-State NMR Users [Campus login required]
  88. NMR-Request for Spectrometer Time form [Campus login required]
  89. NMR-Guidelines for Using the Solid-State UI300WB and VNS750NB Spectrometers [Campus login required]
  90. NMR-Reservation Protocols for Solid-State NMR Spectrometers [Campus login required]
  91. NMR-VXR500 Reservation Protocol [Campus login required]
  92. NMR-U500 Reservation Protocol [Campus login required]
  93. NMR-UI400 Reservation Protocol [Campus login required]
  94. NMR-Basic Training Packet [Campus login required]
  95. NMR-VNS750NB [Campus login required]
  96. NMR-UI500NB Reservation Protocol [Campus login required]
  97. NMR Rate Table [Campus login required]
  98. Standard Operating Procedure for Powder Diffraction on Rigaku MiniFlex 600
  99. Standard Operating Procedure for Powder Diffraction Experiments on the DUO
  100. SCS EPR Instrument Status Now
  101. Civil Service Timesheet Info - WEBTime Entry Instructions (Non-Exempt Employees)