1. Office 365, Email, Configuring the Outlook App for Android and iOS
  2. Technology Services Wi-Fi Help Portal Page - Start Here
  3. Zoom, Education vs Basic Accounts
  4. Identity Management, Leaving Campus for Faculty and Staff
  5. Office 365, Email, Exchange, Forwarding Exchange Email to Another Account
  6. Pinnacle, Quick Start Guide for Submitting Service Requests
  7. UI New Hire, New Accounts for campus services
  8. Pinnacle, Information on Skype for Business (VoIP), Response Groups, Role-based Accounts, and Common-Area Phones
  9. Guests, Information for short-term network access
  10. Shibboleth, Authorization and Shibboleth
  11. U of I Box, Accounts, Personal and Enterprise Account Conflict
  12. Office 365, Email, Exchange accounts
  13. Technology Services Printing, Accounts and Balances
  14. Skype for Business, Dialing Terms of Service and NCOS Codes
  15. Email, Mailing Lists, Distribution Groups, Group Email accounts and Unit Aliases
  16. Office 365, Graduated, Non-enrolled, or Deactivated Accounts
  17. RightFax, Requesting a New Group RightFax Account
  18. Email, Google Apps @ Illinois, Resolving Conflicting Accounts
  19. Leaving Campus, When are accounts deactivated for non-registered students or those who didn't graduate?
  20. Active Directory, Naming Conventions
  21. Illinois Compass 2g, Temporary guest accounts for Illinois Compass or Canvas using Active Directory
  22. U of I Box, Uillinois accounts, Second email alias
  23. Skype for Business, Voicemail for role-based accounts
  24. Skype for Business, Exchange, and AD Accounts for Extra Help
  25. U of I Box, Eligibility for U of I Box Accounts
  26. Banner - Travel Voucher - UIN Search
  27. Data Warehouse - setting Oracle password - application accounts only
  28. HR2 Account - How to Obtain and Manage HR2 Accounts
  29. Digital Signage, Exchange Calendars & O365
  30. Technology Services Printing, User Credits and Alternate Billing
  31. University Bursar - What are my payment options?
  32. Banner - Query Vendors
  33. Chart: If our faculty use CFOPs from another unit for their appointments, they will not be included in the COA and they will have to enter them manually when doing the appointment?
  34. Zoom, Resource (Service) Accounts
  35. Accessing your files with SFTP
  36. Guest Accounts at Illinois
  37. Microsoft 365, How do I undo the allow my organization to manage my account?
  38. EWS Labs, Guest accounts
  39. Chart: Can I manage / modify CFOPs from other units?
  40. Chart: What is the purpose of the “View Profiles” links?
  41. Security, Unauthorized use of accounts
  42. Skype for Business, Shared Accounts, Voicemail, Change Greeting