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1Learn@Illinois Moodle - Activities and Resources Help77613University of Illinois LAS2021-08-134282
2Learn@Illinois Moodle - Edit Multiple Activities with the Mass Actions Block72069University of Illinois LAS2022-09-145978
3Learn@Illinois Moodle - Extending Deadlines or Time Limits for Activities71244University of Illinois LAS2022-09-065768
4Echo360 Answer a Poll, Activities and Echo360 Live Navigation (Students)104896UI College of Veterinary Medicine2022-02-082229
5Echo360 In-Class Polls & Activities104826UI College of Veterinary Medicine2022-02-082617
6Learn@Illinois Moodle - Instructor Help77988University of Illinois LAS2022-09-1527406
7Learn@Illinois Moodle - Groups and Groupings Help72179University of Illinois LAS2022-10-248525
8Learn@Illinois Moodle - Moving an Activity into a Gradebook Category Folder78340University of Illinois LAS2022-09-133758
9Learn@Illinois Moodle - Using "Make Available" a.k.a. "Stealth Mode"80819University of Illinois LAS2022-09-063960
10Learn@Illinois Moodle - Moodle to Canvas Equivalency Chart111169University of Illinois LAS2021-06-101947
11System Government Costing - Salaries and Wages: Running the Webi Report119625UI Training and Development Resources2022-10-27455
12System Government Costing - Fund Balance: Running the Webi Report119624UI Training and Development Resources2022-10-27539
13System Government Costing - Expenditures and Transfers: Running the Webi Report119622UI Training and Development Resources2022-10-27523
14System Government Costing - Equipment Depreciation: Running the Webi Report119618UI Training and Development Resources2022-10-27443
15System Government Costing - Service Activity Advanced120770UI Training and Development Resources2022-12-06267
16System Government Costing - Service Activity Basics120769UI Training and Development Resources2022-12-06260
17System Government Costing - Fund Balance: Populating the Service Activity Rate Template119627UI Training and Development Resources2022-10-27439
18System Government Costing - Salaries and Wages: Populating the Service Activity Rate Template119626UI Training and Development Resources2022-10-27449
19System Government Costing - Expenditures and Transfers: Populating the Service Activity Rate Template119623UI Training and Development Resources2022-10-27451
20System Government Costing - Equipment Depreciation: Populating the Service Activity Rate Template119619UI Training and Development Resources2022-10-27441

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