1. Technology Services Wi-Fi Help Portal Page - Start Here
  2. ATLAS Directory
  3. Endpoint Services, MECM, Configure MECM Endpoint Protection
  4. How to configure Remote Desktop to use the UIUC Remote Desktop Gateway
  5. How to configure Windows to use automatic DHCP settings
  6. Shibboleth, How to configure Shibboleth logout behavior
  7. Office 365, Email, Configure the Mail and Calendar app for iPhone or iPad
  8. VPN, CISCO AnyConnect, How to configure your router or firewall.
  9. Endpoint Services, Munki, Antivirus, Configure MacOS endpoint protection
  10. Enterprise Mode (Windows) - Configure IE 11 to Run Websites that Require Certain Compatibility Mode Settings
  11. Microsoft-365, Configure Outlook 2016 for Windows
  12. Office 365, Email, Exchange, Configure Outlook for Windows
  13. Shibboleth, Setting up a Service Provider
  14. AWS, Python CLI Configuration for shibboleth 2FA authentication
  15. Skype for Business, Voicemail Messages, Greetings, and Settings
  16. Endpoint Services, WSUS, Configuring Downstream WSUS Servers
  17. Office 365, Email, Configuring the Outlook App for Android and iOS
  18. Campus Mailing List, Configuring your list for DMARC
  19. Set up an Out of Office reply via Outlook 365
  20. Echo 360 - Editing Availability Settings for Published Content
  21. Learn@Illinois Moodle - Adding, Configuring, and Deleting Blocks
  22. VPN, CISCO AnyConnect, Linux
  23. How Do I Set Up the Tickets Desktop in TDNext?
  24. Endpoint Services, WSUS, Configuring WSUS Clients
  25. Zoom, How to protect your sessions
  26. Shibboleth, Multi-university configuration
  27. VPN, Cisco AnyConnect, Installing VPN on other operating systems
  28. Office 365, Email, Exchange, Setting up Apple Mail
  29. Networking, Iris Scenarios: Speed and Duplex Settings
  30. GitHub SAML Setup [Campus login required]
  31. ClassTech, Troubleshooting, Laptop Display (HDMI & VGA)
  32. ClassTech, Mersive Solstice Configuration for IT Pros
  33. Email, Configuring Authenticated Email using a vendor DKIM record
  34. Email, Configuring Authenticated Email from a 3rd party using a custom DKIM record [Campus login required]
  35. WebStore, Ansys EM Suite Configuration Failed Error
  36. Shibboleth, University of Illinois-specific configuration
  37. Shibboleth, Urbana-specific configuration
  38. Cloud Emailer Service, Configuring use of the Cloud Emailer Service
  39. Networking, Remote Desktop Gateway, Mac Client Configuration
  40. Windows Desktop Configuration and Pricing
  41. Learn@Illinois Moodle - Changing Default Zoom Settings
  42. Shibboleth, Windows IIS Server specific configuration instructions
  43. Banner Administrative Pages - What user preferences can be customized?
  44. Skype for Business, Manage Settings for Android App
  45. Office 365, Email, Exchange, How to setup an auto-reply message or out of office message
  46. Office 365, Email, Exchange, Setting up Pine or Alpine
  47. Virtual Hosting, Configuring and Using a VMware Server
  48. Email Setup
  49. ClassTech, Document Camera Set Ups for Fall 2021
  50. Email, Spam Control, How to setup spam filtering for departmental or non-person aliases
  51. Canvas, Quiz Options
  52. Echo360 Account Settings
  53. New to Campus, Recommended Computer Configurations
  54. Canvas, Notification settings for an instructor
  55. Canvas, Creating weighted columns
  56. Vetstar - Client Services Training
  57. Skype for Business, IP Phone Installation and Login
  58. Canvas, Setting Course Entry Point
  59. Canvas, Setting Notification Preferences as a Student
  60. Learn@Illinois Moodle - Setting up the Gradebook Using Points
  61. Learn@Illinois Moodle - Changing Forum Subscription Settings
  62. Endpoint Services, Workspace ONE, Default Device Security Settings
  63. Endpoint Security, CrowdStrike, Prevention Policies
  64. Microsoft 365, How do I undo the allow my organization to manage my account?
  65. Endpoint Services, Munki, What do I do if Multi-Tenant Munki doesn't have software I need?
  66. SANDI - Client Services Training
  67. Zoom, Configuring Breakout Rooms
  68. SANDI - Client & Patient Setup
  69. iOS - Clearing Safari's Saved Passwords
  70. 2FA, How to Set Up? [Campus login required]
  71. Wireless Presentation Devices - Apple TV Gen 4 Setup
  72. Skype for Business, Setting Options for Skype Meetings using Outlook
  73. Kaltura, Channel settings
  74. Kaltura, Channel creation
  75. Kaltura, File size and quality
  76. Outlook - Calendar - Adding an Unshared Calendar & Free/Busy Settings
  77. NetID Center - What are Error: "500 500" or "409 409" when reviewing recovery settings?
  78. 2FA, Manage Device Settings, Set Automatic Duo Push
  79. Endpoint Services, macOS 11 (Big Sur), Configuration Profiles
  80. Campus Mailing Lists, Archive settings
  81. RStudio Cloud @ Illinois, Getting Started
  82. Payroll Time Approval Security Access Setup and Troubleshooting Guide [Campus login required]
  83. Vetstar - Research Account Creation Request and Setup
  84. Windows Laptop & 2-in-1 Configuration and Pricing
  85. EU GDRP Cookie Settings
  86. Zoom, Instructors, Recommended Default Settings
  87. VPN, Configuration for local LAN access
  88. Enterprise Mode (Windows) - DIY Configuration of IE 11 to Run In Enterprise Mode
  89. Skype for Business, Set up a meeting in Outlook
  90. Skype for Business, Using it on Windows
  91. 2FA - Set up non-university Email address to receive temporary passcode [Campus login required]
  92. Vetstar Appointment Scheduler - Adding a new Service as a Doctor
  93. Skype for Business, Set up and troubleshoot Skype for Business video
  94. Zoom - Hosts - Changing user authentication settings for Zoom meetings
  95. U of I Box, Box Sync, Shib error when setting up
  96. Payroll Time Approver Proxy Setup Instructions [Campus login required]
  97. Email, How to set up email redirection
  98. Digital Signage, Users, Groups, and Setting Permissions
  99. Endpoint Services, MECM, Group Policy interaction in MECM
  100. Embrava Connect Setup
  101. Digital Signage, Default Content Player Configuration Device Settings
  102. UI New Hire, Error setting password
  103. 2FA - Can you set up an alias account? [Campus login required]
  104. Vetstar - Add a New Patient to an Account
  105. Learn@Illinois Moodle - Setting up the Gradebook Using Percentages
  106. Webstore, MATLAB installer quits after configuring Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable
  107. Learn@Illinois Moodle - Make the Course Level Aggregation Type "Natural Sum of Grades"
  108. Learn@Illinois Moodle - Adding a Manual Gradebook Item
  109. VPN Client Download and Setup
  110. Skype for Business, Mobile Devices
  111. Zoom, Edit share settings for cloud recordings
  112. Safari 12 (Mac) - Using the Popup Blocker
  113. Mac OS X - Setting the Default Mail Program
  114. Firefox (Mac) - Changing the Default E-mail Program
  115. Add a Network Printer
  116. Learn@Illinois Moodle - Using the Quiz Activity as a Lecture
  117. Learn@Illinois Moodle - Setting up Choice Activity
  118. Skype for Business Voicemail Setup
  119. Wireless @illinois
  120. Skype for Business, IP Phones, Configuration and Installation, Certificate Web Service error
  121. Endpoint Services, MECM, BitLocker Full Disk Encryption, Setting up on Windows
  122. Endpoint Services, MECM, Should my unit's distribution point be virtual or physical? And where should a distribution point be set up?
  123. Campus Monitoring, Configuring your notification preferences [Campus login required]
  124. VPN, CISCO AnyConnect VPN introduction
  125. Vetstar - New Outside Lab Setup Request Procedures
  126. WebStore, Open an app from an unidentified developer on Mac
  127. WebStore, Setting a persistent hostname on a Mac that uses DHCP
  128. EWS Labs, Resetting Gnome / Firefox settings
  129. Ordering - Computer Equipment - Ordering Dell Desktops and Laptops - Standard Configurations
  130. Desktops and Laptops - Windows - Remote Desktop - Power Settings
  131. Yealink BToE Info - Pair Failed
  132. WebStore, How to install software from an ISO file.
  133. Networking, Remote Desktop Gateway Service, Configuring Windows To Allow Remote Connections
  134. SSW - How to Set Up an Automatic Connection to IllinoisNet
  135. Skype for Business PINs
  136. Skype for Business, Set up and test audio
  137. ClassTech, Troubleshooting, Laptop Intel Graphics Card Settings
  138. Active Directory, Test Forest
  139. Illinois Compass 2g, Setting Course Style Options
  140. Learn@Illinois Moodle - Student - Troubleshooting Log in Problems
  141. Event Attendance - Set up for iCard Scanner
  142. New Yealink IP Phone Ordering, Setup and Installation
  143. Google Apps @ Illinois, Calendar, Setting Public Visibility
  144. TimeTracker: How do I setup the feeder process?
  145. Firefox (Win) - Changing the Default E-mail Program
  146. Data Warehouse - setting Oracle password - application accounts only
  147. Passwords, Setting Strong Passwords
  148. Chart: What do we need to setup a new unit with Chart? What are the roles in the app?
  149. EDDIE - Print Settings When Printing a Document
  150. cPanel, Getting access and setting permissions
  151. eValue
  152. Internet Explorer 8 (Win) - Clearing Cache and Cookies
  153. Safari 10 and 11 (Mac) - Using the Popup Blocker
  154. Illinois Compass 2g, Setting course availability
  155. Wiki, Error logging in
  156. Wiki, Notifications, Email notification settings for wiki customers
  157. Setup or Change Skype for Business Greeting
  158. Office 365 Outlook Setup on Mobile Devices
  159. Appointments: Is the security set up by three digit org code or six digit org code?
  160. TimeTracker: How do units who use Appointments setup their data in TimeTracker?
  161. TimeTracker: How do units who don’t use Appointments setup their data in TimeTracker?
  162. Appointments: What information do we need to setup Appointments for a new unit? What are the roles in Appointments?
  163. Gradrecs: Can you help explain the sharing settings for Notes and Documents?
  164. Skype for Business, Set up Skype Meeting options
  165. Skype For Business Contact Center, TouchPoint Post Installation Steps for Telephony Settings
  166. ATLAS FormBuilder - Lifecycle - Trigger Conditions Explained
  167. Banner Self-Service - Error: There is no person record setup for your UIN
  168. Connecting Yealink T46S Cables and Power
  169. Setting Your Skype for Business Primary Audio Device
  170. Skype for Business Favorites and how they Display on the Yealink T46S Phone