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1Privacy & Cybersecurity, Faculty and Staff Email Auto-forwarding Retirement FAQ110048University of Illinois Technology Services2023-11-2813768
2Privacy & Cybersecurity: Authorized Illinois Email (DMARC) Effort FAQ110102University of Illinois Technology Services2023-07-244711
3HTML: Accessibility Best Practices124887School of Information Sciences2024-06-03719
4MS Word: Accessibility Best Practices124885School of Information Sciences2024-06-03648
5KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Document Style Guidelines5304KB User's Guide2023-03-0161994
6Zoom: Using Nonverbal Feedback126683School of Information Sciences2024-07-03718
7Zoom: Tips and Best Practices129746School of Information Sciences2024-07-031043
8VTH Board Minutes 3/7/24 [Campus login required]136206UofI College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital2024-03-2215
9eLearning: Canvas Best Practices129733Engineering IT
Shared Services
10Guidelines for Professional Behavior and Interaction [Campus login required]124276UofI College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital2024-01-26348
11Networking, Lens, Lens API Result Object48350University of Illinois Technology Services2016-12-196985
12Canvas@Illinois, Accessibility Checker: Alt Text136670University of Illinois Technology Services2024-06-21534
13VTH Parking Policy [Campus login required]136933UofI College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital2024-04-2324
14Canvas@Illinois, Creating Accessible Quizzes114748University of Illinois Technology Services2024-01-033385

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