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1WebStore, Adobe Apps Management Removed - Permissions message128870University of Illinois Technology Services2024-06-032232
2Banner - Already Have a Valid Enterprise Session48225University of Illinois System2020-04-205330
3Do you have any spare computer equipment that I could have or purchase?80867Engineering IT
Shared Services
4University Bursar - Why have I been charged multiple times for tuition and fees?106596University of Illinois System2024-07-014182
5University Bursar - Why do I have a campus-based loan hold on my account?90455University of Illinois System2024-07-0111865
6University Bursar - Can I cancel a UI-Pay Payment Plan once I have enrolled?92567University of Illinois System2024-06-0317729
7AITS - KB Admin - KnowledgeBase - Do You Have a Reference Guide for the KB?62059University of Illinois System2024-05-0710904
8University Bursar - Why do I owe a balance if I have a sponsor paying my student account?126870University of Illinois System2024-04-15953
9Banner Faculty Self-Service - How do I Email my class? What if I have a Problem/Question?35772University of Illinois System2024-02-165570
10University Bursar - Why do I have a financial hold on my student account?122448University of Illinois System2023-12-186696
11Endpoint Services, Munki, What do I do if Multi-Tenant Munki doesn't have software I need?72430University of Illinois Technology Services2023-12-113924
12WebStore, SPSS warns, You do not have the correct administrator privileges66605University of Illinois Technology Services2023-09-057367
13The Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app displays a "You don't have access to manage apps" message104975School of Chemical Sciences
14System HR - Values and the Role they have in your life120559UI Training and Development Resources2022-11-231259
15Zoom, License Eligibility, Why do I only have Zoom 'Basic' Access?93228University of Illinois Technology Services2022-10-2414857
16Security, Can students have access to system logs?48245University of Illinois Technology Services2021-11-034364
17Illinois Directory, Can I have two email addresses in my Illinois Directory entry?48880University of Illinois Technology Services2020-07-085398
18Banner - FZIGITD - I have Problems/Questions about Banner page FZIGITD54765University of Illinois System2020-05-054769
19Ferpa: Why don't I have access after taking the training?97630Engineering IT
Shared Services
20cPanel, Who can have a website on of Illinois Technology Services2019-01-1411391
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