1. EWS Labs, Printing, Printing to an EWS printer with your own computer
  2. EWS Labs, EWS Lab software
  3. EWS Labs, Printing and refund policies
  4. EWS, Remote Access
  5. Ferpa: Why don't I have access after taking the training?
  6. Chart: If our faculty use CFOPs from another unit for their appointments, they will not be included in the COA and they will have to enter them manually when doing the appointment?
  7. Do you have any spare computer equipment that I could have or purchase?
  8. Echo 360 - Engagement and Analytics Metrics Defined
  9. How to Edit and Manage your Engineering Course Website on courses.engr.illinois.edu
  10. Echo360 - Student Guide for Echo360
  11. How to use the Digital Signage (Plasma) Portal App
  12. Linux Shells
  13. How to use the Groups tool in the my.engr portal
  14. Siebel Center - Event Planning
  15. Information about devices managed by Engineering IT
  16. SMD: How do I create a new SMD Message?
  17. AV Tools Preventative Maintenance - Photos
  18. Linux Command Quick Reference
  19. Policies and Procedures for Access Requests in the Siebel Center
  20. Options for upgrading end-of-life Windows 7 computers
  21. Engineering College Printing
  22. Course Website Options
  23. What is Engineering Linux?
  24. CS VM Farm
  25. Echo 360 - Viewing Your Student Dashboard
  26. Echo 360 - Getting a Video's Public or Embeddable Link
  27. Understanding the Echo360 Instructor's Class List
  28. Discontinued Usage of Proctorio After Summer 2021 Term
  29. Linux Software Modules
  30. Siebel Center Printers, Copiers, Scanners, Plotters (Poster printer)
  31. Echo360 - Downloading Content from a Class
  32. AV Troubleshooting Guide
  33. Chart: What do we need to setup a new unit with Chart? What are the roles in the app?
  34. Gradrecs: Can you help explain the sharing settings for Notes and Documents?
  35. How do I add a printer in CSL?
  36. Computer Science Course Room Access at Siebel Center
  37. Siebel Center Elock Guide
  38. Requesting administrative (sudo) access on Engineering IT Linux systems
  39. ECHO 360 - Viewing Classes and Presentations
  40. ECHO 360 - Taking Notes and Asking Questions
  41. ECHO 360 - Viewing Instructor Library Content Details
  42. ECHO 360 - Viewing and Posting Questions During Class
  43. Echo360 - Downloading Content from your Library
  44. ECHO 360 - Viewing Content in the Classroom (for Instructors)
  45. How do I connect to a network drive or file share?
  46. LabCheck Instructions
  47. End of Life Operating System Exception Request Procedure
  48. AV Troubleshooting - Projector Not Starting Up or Not Displaying Content
  49. How to add an Engineering printer on Windows
  50. University property tags (PTags)
  51. Options for delaying updates and reboots on Windows devices managed by Engineering IT
  52. Appointments: Do supervisors need access to the Appointments system?
  53. Email_Aliases: What is the process to adding a mail domain?
  54. Siebel Center Hours and E-Lock Requests
  55. Echo360 - Instructor Guide for Echo360
  56. EWS Labs, Remote Access, Connecting to EWS Linux with FastX
  57. Data Security while Traveling
  58. Leaving the University? Don't forget your data!
  59. Essential Technology for Students
  60. Purchasing: What are the different roles in Purchasing?
  61. EWS Labs, Remote access to your EWS Windows home directory
  62. EWS Labs, Account Policy
  63. Instructor Tools
  64. EWS Labs, Printing, AirPrint
  65. EWS Labs, Remote access to your EWS Linux home directory
  66. Instructor Checklist - Engineering IT - Fall 2021
  67. EWS Labs, Home Directory Disk Quota
  68. Siebel Center E-Lock Access through Class Tools
  69. Echo 360 - Editing a Presentation
  70. ECHO 360 - Reviewing a Past Class
  71. Echo 360 - Monitoring Q&A Discussion from within a Classroom
  72. ECHO 360 - Viewing Course/Section Analytics
  73. ECHO 360 - Searching Across a Section
  74. Using Classroom Tools
  75. Echo360: Adding Interactive Slides to a Presentation
  76. Getting Started with Lecture Capture
  77. How to find your computer's MAC Address
  78. How do I get a custom domain name for my website
  79. Ticketing System Change - 2020
  80. Siebel Center Conference Rooms
  81. Siebel Center Calendars
  82. CS VM Farm - Power on or reset VMs
  83. GitLab - Creating Projects and Groups
  84. Gradrecs: How to obtain access to Gradrecs
  85. Virtual Machine Hosting Service
  86. AV Troubleshooting - Monitor not powering on
  87. AV Troubleshooting - Problems with Program/Content Audio
  88. AV Troubleshooting - Laptop Not Displaying
  89. AV Troubleshooting - HDCP Problems, Laptop displays only a green screen to the projector
  90. Gradrecs: Mass upload of documents
  91. Ugradrecs: Mass Upload of Documents
  92. Vacation: One of our approvers mistakenly "denied" a vacation request instead of "approving" the request. How can I fix this?
  93. Vacation: I am looking at the Usage Summary in my portal, what is the yellow caution triangle and how do I find what needs to be updated and correct the problem?
  94. Appointments: What information do we need to setup Appointments for a new unit? What are the roles in Appointments?
  95. Chart: What is the purpose of the “View Profiles” links?
  96. Chart: Can I manage / modify CFOPs from other units?
  97. Inventory: Which tablet and scanner should I use for the mobile Inventory app?
  98. Gradrecs: How do I view/update the Area Chair list for my units Research Areas?
  99. EWS Lab Hours & Locations
  100. EWS Labs, Installing Optional Software
  101. Engineering Instructor Lecture Capture Checklist
  102. Recommended Teaching Resources and Tools
  103. EWS Labs, EWS Software Request Policy
  104. EWS Labs, Advertising on the EWS Lab backgrounds
  105. EWS Labs, "Logon method not allowed" error message
  106. EWS Labs, General vs. Departmental
  107. EWS Labs, Python Virtual Environments for EWS
  108. EWS Labs, Guest accounts
  109. How do I map a printer?
  110. Applying the Engineering Course Template to a publish.illinois.edu Website
  111. Siebel Center Elock Room Scheduling
  112. Computer Science Graduate Student Access at Siebel Center
  113. Computer Science Faculty Access at Siebel Center
  114. ECHO 360 - Viewing Student Analytic Data
  115. Asking Students Questions
  116. Adding the Echo360 Tool to Blackboard/Compass 2 Courses
  117. Echo 360 - Editing Content Details
  118. Using Student Classroom Tools
  119. Echo 360 - Enable/Disable Public Links to Content
  120. ECHO 360 - Preparing for a Class
  121. ECHO 360 - Reviewing your Study Guide
  122. Echo360 - Deleting Content from the Instructor's Library
  123. ECHO 360 - Publishing Content to a Course or Individual
  124. Uploading a Presentation
  125. Linking the Blackboard/Compass 2g Course to the Echo360 Section
  126. Echo360 - Defining Engagement Scores
  127. Understanding Course and Student Analytics
  128. ECHO 360 - Responding to Questions About Classroom Content
  129. Adding the Echo360 Tool to Blackboard/Compass 2g Courses
  130. ECHO 360 - Sharing Content with other Echo360 Users
  131. Uploading Content to your Library
  132. Understanding the Echo360 Instructor's DASHBOARD
  133. ECHO 360 - Viewing and Responding to Student Questions
  134. ECHO 360 - Publishing/Updating Presentations through PowerPoint
  135. Echo 360 - Making Content Available or Unavailable
  136. Echo360: Working with Instructors Library Content
  137. Echo 360 - Monitoring Course Q&A Discussions
  138. ECHO 360 - Responding to Activities During Class
  139. Echo 360 - Asking Students Questions
  140. AV Tools Preventative Maintenance - Filters
  141. AV Tools Preventative Maintenance - Audio
  142. AV Tools Preventative Maintenance - Firmware
  143. Unix/Linux Command-line Interface Tutorial
  144. Wireless Presentation Devices - Apple TV Gen 4 Setup
  145. Using the AV Store Room
  146. I just moved my office. Why doesn't my IP phone work?
  147. EWS Labs, Research Computing Policy
  148. How to configure Remote Desktop to use the UIUC Remote Desktop Gateway
  149. AV Troubleshooting - Microphone Volume & Feedback Problems
  150. AV Tools Check - DVD, Bluray
  151. AV Tools Check - General
  152. How to add an Engineering printer on Linux
  153. How to add an Engineering printer on Mac
  154. How to configure Windows to use automatic DHCP settings
  155. Getting CS Class access to rooms in the Siebel Center
  156. FAIR: I need to report academic misconduct but my XXX100 course is not listed. What should I do?
  157. Vacation: Common Banner Reporting Errors
  158. Appointments: The ‘Start Faculty Summer Appointment Button” is not appearing. Why?
  159. Storeroom: Is it possible (add/remove/modify) CFOPs outside of the storeroom application?
  160. Purchasing: How do you trigger an inventory form to be sent to a purchaser?
  161. Directory: How is FERPA information handled in this program?
  162. SMD: Why are the "recvd" and "ack" words grey or green?
  163. Advising: How can students be added to access an advising calendar?
  164. Grainger College of Engineering Presentation/Lecture Capture Recordings
  165. Gradescope @ Illinois
  166. Using Echo360 Universal Capture: A Quick Guide
  167. EWS, Remote Access, Connecting to Citrix
  168. EWS Labs, EWS Policies
  169. EWS Labs, Printing, Service Comparison
  170. TimeTracker: Which card reader should I use?
  171. LoanTracker: Which card reader do I use?
  172. Attendance: Which card reader should I use?
  173. How to install BA3 for Civil Engineering (CEE) Business Office staff
  174. Echo360 Account Settings
  175. Schedule a meeting using Zoom
  176. What software is available to me?
  177. Troubleshoot network performance when accessing UIUC resources from China
  178. EWS Labs, Printing, EWS Printing Locations
  179. EWS Labs, Printing, EWS PaperCut FAQ
  180. EWS Labs, How do I reserve a lab?
  181. EWS Labs, Getting locked out of EWS workstations
  182. EWS Labs, Transferring files between Linux and Windows home directories
  183. Access EWS Linux remotely with SSH
  184. Engineering Standard Video Conference System Information
  185. Engineering IT - Graduate Student Orientation Information
  186. Siebel Center E-Lock Graduate Students Import
  187. Siebel Center Swiping into Rooms
  188. Blended Learning Recommendations
  189. Echo360 Service Update
  190. Echo360 - Creating an Image Quiz Activity
  191. Echo 360 - Navigating Between or Exiting Classes
  192. Understanding the Echo360 Instructor's LIBRARY Page
  193. Echo 360 - Editing Availability Settings for Published Content
  194. ECHO 360 - Taking Notes in Class
  195. Echo 360 - Endorsing Student Questions and Answers
  196. Understanding the Student LIBRARY Page
  197. Echo 360 - Flagging and Bookmarking Content
  198. Echo360 - Creating an Ordered List Activity
  199. Echo 360 - Editing your Study Guide Notes
  200. Echo360 - Downloading Notes
  201. ECHO 360 - Viewing Live Classes (Instructors)
  202. Echo360 - Creating a Short Answer Activity
  203. Echo 360 - Participating in Q&A Discussions
  204. ECHO 360 - Viewing Live Classes (Students)
  205. Echo360 - Creating Copies of Library Media
  206. Echo360 - Creating a Numerical Activity
  207. Online Instruction Guidelines
  208. EHCO 360 - Supported Content Formats
  209. Echo360: Creating a Multiple Choice Activity
  210. Downloading Student Analytic Data
  211. ECHO 360 - Register Your Account and Log In
  212. Getting Started with Echo360
  213. Essential Software for Students
  214. Installing CrowdStrike on MacOS through WS1
  215. Mount OneDrive Team Site Shared Library
  216. Student Transfer: Edit a Portfolio's Email Template [Campus login required]
  217. Siebel Center Lync Conference Phone Instructions
  218. How to find the computer name on Windows computers
  219. How to enable Remote Desktop in Windows
  220. Connecting to the Network
  221. AV Tools Preventative Maintenance - Access
  222. AV Tools Preventative Maintenance - Documentation
  223. AV Tools Preventative Maintenance - Optics
  224. AV Tools Preventative Maintenance - Focus
  225. AV Tools Preventative Maintenance - Cleaning
  226. AV Tools Preventative Maintenance - Notes
  227. AV Tools Preventative Maintenance - Room Information
  228. AV Tools Preventative Maintenance - Rack Check
  229. AV Tools Preventative Maintenance - General
  230. AV Tools Preventative Maintenance - Labels
  231. Engineering Digital Signage Upgrades & Changes
  232. AV Tools Preventative Maintenance - Display
  233. AppTrack: Input KB articles [Campus login required]
  234. AppTrack: Video Demo
  235. Manage JupyterHub sessions
  236. Recommendations for Computers and Related Equipment Purchases
  237. How do I get on the wired network?
  238. University Network Jacks
  239. CS 225 SSH environment
  240. Ugradrecs: Who should I contact to get access?
  241. Ugradrecs: New user request form
  242. Siebel Center Printing on Back of Cover Page Error
  243. AV Tools Check - laptop VGA
  244. AV Tools Check - Notes
  245. AV Tools Check - Touch/Pen Display
  246. AV Tools Preventative Maintenance - Inventory
  247. AV Tools Tooltip Placeholder
  248. Calibrating a Wacom Pen Tablet
  249. AV Tools Check - Laptop HDMI
  250. AV Tools Check - Lecture Capture
  251. AV Tools Check - Room Audio
  252. AV Troubleshooting - Source Not Displaying on Monitor
  253. AV Tools Check - Resident PC
  254. AV Tools Check - Wireless Presentation
  255. AV Troubleshooting - Sources Selected Incorrectly or Source Selection Unresponsive
  256. AV Troubleshooting - Laptop displaying with color or other image problems
  257. AV Tools Check - Microphones
  258. [AV Tools Tooltip Template]AV Tools {Short Type} - {Item}
  259. AV Tools Check - Display
  260. AV Tools Check - Document Camera
  261. AV Tools Check - Batteries
  262. AV Tools Check - Control Panel
  263. AV Tools Check - Video Conferencing
  264. AV Troubleshooting - Displayed Image "Stuck" or "Frozen"
  265. AV Tools Check - Projector
  266. How do I connect to the campus network from off-campus
  267. How do I connect to campus wifi/wireless?
  268. How do I unlock or change the password on my Active Directory account?
  269. How do I get a campus email account?
  270. How do I forward/redirect my university email to another account?
  271. LoanTracker: User Documentation (with video)
  272. Elections: User Documentation
  273. TimeTracker: How do I setup the feeder process?
  274. UgradRecs: Access Request Form (download)
  275. Evaluations: User Documentation (with video)
  276. Gradrecs: User Documentation (with video)
  277. GradRecs: User Request Form (download)
  278. GradRecs: TA Application Process (video only)
  279. Advising: User Documentation
  280. ClassPlanning: User Documentation
  281. Classtools: User Documentation
  282. FAIR: How do a add or subtract users?
  283. Chart: How do the Chart and Appointments applications interface?
  284. Appointments: Where can I add additional position numbers?
  285. StudentTransfer: Overview
  286. Vacation: Employee has a negative vacation balance
  287. Vacation: Are we able to unlock a record?
  288. Vacation: Do I use the Submit “Checked” to BANNER box? I don’t remember seeing the box last year.
  289. CourseChanges: User Documentation
  290. Appointments: Is the security set up by three digit org code or six digit org code?
  291. Gradapps: User Documentation
  292. Gradrecs: User Request Form
  293. Qual: User documentation
  294. Independent Study: User Documenation
  295. Rosters: User Documentation
  296. Ugrad Petitions: User Documentation
  297. Ugradrecs: Advising Notes Guidelines
  298. TimeTracker: What can I do for an employee is unable to submit time due to previous timesheets open for the position?
  299. TimeTracker: How do units who use Appointments setup their data in TimeTracker?
  300. TimeTracker: How do units who don’t use Appointments setup their data in TimeTracker?
  301. TimeTracker: When does the auto-submit date/time is for a pay period?
  302. Appointments: How do I change someone's supervisor?
  303. Appointments: Why is a high level administrator or HR person set as my supervisor? How do I change my supervisor?
  304. Appointments: Is there a way for people to view info in the system but not approve or supervise?
  305. Appointments: Do org codes play a part in the security?
  306. Appointments: For supervisors who are entered into the system, are their employees accessible by the supervisor, their proxies and the hr and business folks?
  307. Storeroom: How do I use the reorder report?
  308. Safety: When do the DRS imports for the Safety application run?
  309. People: Where does the data for People come from?
  310. Inventory: How do I get the 'EDW Sync' tab in the Inventory app?
  311. Announcements: What is the Announcements tool?
  312. Submit Review: Which DocTypes are transferred from HireTouch?
  313. Submit Review: How do I add the ability to "Make An Offer" to an applicant in the Review system?
  314. iPay: How do I change the email address of the person who receives notification of new orders?
  315. iPay: How do I generate a store refund?
  316. Excal: How do I remove a calendar from Excal?
  317. Excal: What do the blue entries signify?
  318. Directory: How frequently is the data updated?
  319. Directory: What is Directory?
  320. Directory: If an employee’s job title is updated or promoted, will the data be updated automatically?
  321. Directory: If we change an employee’s job title in the directory manually, how will it be affected by Banner data?
  322. Directory: On the job title and data for employees, is the data pulled from Banner?
  323. Attendance: What is the address to the management area?
  324. Ugradrecs: How do I add a custom attribute?
  325. Ugradrecs: What do the search areas mean?
  326. Ugradrecs: Where can I find the waitlist link?
  327. Gradrecs: What do the search areas mean?
  328. Gradrecs: Can you explain the transcript process?
  329. Gradapps: Can I request to mass update the status of applications to complete?
  330. Gradapps: Can you explain the transcript process?
  331. Gradapps: Can a new term be added to the dropdown on the home page?
  332. Gradapps: How do I change questions to the Evaluation section?
  333. Who do I contact to begin using an Engineering IT portal application?
  334. Evaluations: How do I extend the active dates for student evaluation?