1. ACES Email Lists - Advanced - Hide an email list
  2. Phone Codes - Hide Number
  3. Office 365, Email, Exchange, Global Address List, Remove / Hide address from the GAL
  4. Learn@Illinois Moodle - Making Course Sites Visible and Hidden
  5. Learn@Illinois Moodle - Using "Make Available" a.k.a. "Stealth Mode"
  6. Learn@Illinois Moodle - Editing Sections
  7. Learn@Illinois Moodle - Student - Organizing Courses on your Dashboard
  8. Illinois Compass 2g, A dropped class or an old class from a previous semster still in course list
  9. Learn@Illinois Moodle - Hiding and Showing Blocks
  10. U of I Box, Suppressing the list of collaborators
  11. Learn@Illinois Moodle - Edit Multiple Activities with the Mass Actions Block
  12. Illinois Directory, How to suppress a Staff member's electronic entry