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1*** WebStore, FAQ Adobe Enterprise annual subscription for faculty, staff, and students118969University of Illinois Technology Services2022-11-145958
2VPN, Connection issues when connecting over IPv685269University of Illinois Technology Services2021-10-1441877
3Illinois Compass 2g, Annotate Grading Tool105047University of Illinois Technology Services2022-06-202702
4Endpoint Services, Munki, How do I access reporting in Munki?72432University of Illinois Technology Services2022-10-106039
5Canvas, Students, File Download Workarounds119463University of Illinois Technology Services2022-07-07410
6Canvas, Students, File Trees119465University of Illinois Technology Services2022-07-07429
7WebStore, How do I uninstall Mathematica66497University of Illinois Technology Services2022-11-025909
8How to find your computer's MAC Address84424Engineering IT
Shared Services
9Email, Spam Control, FAQ49744University of Illinois Technology Services2021-06-25144065
10Illinois App, Groups How-to121120University of Illinois Technology Services2022-11-28358
11LinkedIn Learning, Mobile devices48409University of Illinois Technology Services2022-08-086718
12University Bursar - How do I get my official tuition and fee bill?90453University of Illinois System2022-12-096942
13Siebel Center E-Lock Access through Class Tools91603Engineering IT
Shared Services
14Elemental Analysis Method for Halide via Oxygen Combustion Flask and/or Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)98405School of Chemical Sciences
15Learn@Illinois Moodle - Using a Category Folder to Clean up the Gradebook78360University of Illinois LAS2022-09-134183
16MICROANALYSIS - Elemental Analysis Method for CHN via CHN/O/S Elemental Analyzer CHN44098481School of Chemical Sciences
17Illinois Compass 2g, i>clicker47619University of Illinois Technology Services2022-06-2041547
18Cloud Emailer Service, Configuring use of the Cloud Emailer Service85412University of Illinois Technology Services2020-12-205022
19ATLAS VacSick - How to enter leave63831University of Illinois LAS2020-09-174987
20LAS Framework - Drupal formatting toolbar70112University of Illinois LAS2022-08-037008

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